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EOM Update – October 2021

November 1, 2021 EOM Update – October 2021 October has been a busy month here at NGS Crypto and we have had some very exciting

Member Stories

Frank Wilson

Before working with NGS, Frank felt he had no hope of being able to retire and pay off his home in Sydney. After doubling his Super balance in under 3 years, he now plans to retire this year on $5000 a month.

Member Stories

Gary Fairchild

From feeling he’d ‘missed the boat’ on Digital Assets, to doubling his superannuation balance in just 18 months. Hear Gary’s journey from initial crypto skepticiscm to being ‘rapt’ with his results with NGS.

Member Stories

Justin Whetton

After initially being skeptical towards our legitimacy, promises & returns, Justin explains his journey from a $1000 investment, to rolling his super into a mining agreement with NGS.

Member Stories

Athol & Anniss

Athol & Anniss originally felt they were helplessly headed towards a pension-reliant retirement. After just 4 years with NGS, they’re now on track to generate enough in their super to self-fund their retirement.