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Help you take home your own slice of the multi billion dollar digital assets industry.
100% of your initial investment credited back to your account at the end of the subscription.
Returns are paid daily & available for withdrawal 24/7 from our dashboard

Why choose us

We have services with superior quality, diversifying categories, advanced techniques, and favorable pricing.

Pleasant Consulting

The consulting process with our consultants is always pleasant, friendly and efficient.

Trusted Services

We are trusted by our clients and have a reputation for the best services within Digital Assets Mining field.


With more than 20 years of experience in Financial and IT infrastructure and 7 years in blockchain, We are the industry leading team you can put your trust in.


We manage financial resources and study how they affect the overall health of the industry.
Free consultation

“Virgin Galactic is a bold entrepreneurial technology. It’s driving a revolution and Bitcoin is doing just the same when it comes to inventing a new currency.” – Sir Richard Branson

Monthly Returns
Clients have generally always exceeded NGS publicly advertised returns.
Secure Platform
NGS dashboard and infrastructure is designed with all latest security features to keep your account safe and sound.
Dedicated Account Manager
As an NGS client, you are assigned a dedicated account manager that can guide you through the setup process
Integral Privacy
We make sure your personal data is 100% secure and protected
Happy to Help
As members get more involved in the block-chain space we are always available to share our expertise.

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