Earn Up To 16% Per Annum, Fixed-Rate Returns
Through Blockchain Mining

Learn More About Our Blockchain Mining Packages Offering 6-16% Per Annum. Packages Available Over 2, 3 or 5 years, No Management Fees, Returning 100% Of Your Initial Investment Upon Completion.

Minimum investment amounts apply – click here for full terms & conditions or visit our mining calculator

3 Reasons To Invest With NGS

1. Earn Up To 16% A Year

With our flexible Blockchain Mining packages, members can earn between 6-16% per annum.

2. Fixed-Rate Returns

Member returns are locked to a minimum-fixed rate, paid daily into your NGS account.

3. We Return Your Capital

At the end of your term, we'll return you 100% of your initial investment amount.

About NGS

Who We Are

Formed in 2018, NGS Crypto is an Australian-Owned and operated Blockchain Mining company, currently based in QLD, Australia. 

We help our members to achieve fixed-rate returns ranging from 6-16% per annum, returning members their initial investment in-full at the end of their term.

With over 1000 members internationally, and a proven track record of never paying out a member less than their advertised return over the past 5 years, NGS is establishing themselves as one of Australia’s leaders in the space.

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What We Do

What Can We Do For You?

Put simply, NGS Crypto offer investment packages that generate returns through blockchain mining. We lock member funds for a 2, 3 or 5 year term and pay your interest daily to your NGS account.

Create Passive Income

We like to keep things simple for our members, offering ‘set and forget’ packages where the heavy lifting is all taken care of.

Earn 6-16% A Year

Our blockchain mining packages offer returns of 6-16% pa.

Get Refunded

At the end of your agreed term, we'll refund you your entire initial capital investment.

Earn Capital Growth

Our packages allow members the choice to 'lock in' their returns, or accumulate them for capital growth.

Fixed-Rate Returns

Know ahead of time, what you'll earn with our minimum fixed-rate returns, which are paid daily to your NGS account.

Diversify Wealth

By mining with NGS Crypto, you can both diversify wealth and get exposure in the emerging Digital Asset space.

Speak With Us Today

Speak To One Of Our Blockchain Mining Specialists To Get More Information, Ask Any Questions Or Calculate Your Potential Returns

How We Mitigate Risks

5 Ways We Protect Members

For most potential members, the #1 reason they get caught on the fence is they’re worried about the ‘what ifs’…we get that. That’s why we have our 5 Consumer Protection Policies, which you can learn more about here.

Flexible Packages

With packages to suit almost every budget, we strive to give our members choice when partnering with NGS.

Industry Leaders

Whilst in a relatively new industry, NGS Crypto are leading the way for blockchain mining.

Australian Owned & Operated

When you partner with NGS Crypto, you're partnering with Aussies who are pioneering the industry down under.

Consistent Returns

Take the guesswork out of your returns, with our minimum fixed-rates.

Secure Storage

NGS dashboard and infrastructure is designed with all latest security features to help protect members funds.

Dedicated Account Manager

As an NGS client, you are assigned a dedicated account manager that can guide you every step of the way.

Integral Privacy

We strive to deliver the highest level of security and privacy to all our members, past and present.

Happy to Help

Got a question? Simply message us online, or call us direct - we're more than happy to help out wherever we can.

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