Earn Up To 16% PA
Through Blockchain Mining

How Much Can I Earn?

Authorised Reseller of NGS Group Blockchain Mining Packages, Offering Returns Ranging From 6-16% Per Annum. Packages Available Over 2, 3, 5, 7 or 10 years, No Management Fees, Returning 100% Of Your Initial Subscription Amount Upon Completion.

3 Reasons To Subscribe With NGS Group

1. Earn Up To 16% A Year

With our flexible blockchain mining packages, members can earn between 6-16% per annum.

2. Fixed-Rate Returns

Member returns are locked to a minimum-fixed rate, paid daily into your NGS Group account.

3. We Return Your Capital

At the end of your blockchain mining term, we'll return you 100% of your initial subscription amount.

About NGS Crypto

Who We Are

Formed in 2018, NGS Crypto is a blockchain mining company, which aims to help members generate consistent-returns as an authorised reseller of the blockchain mining company NGS Group.

We help members to achieve fixed-rate of returns ranging from 6%-16% per annum through cryptocurrency mining*, returning members their initial subscription in-full at the end of their agreed term.

As a blockchain mining company, we have a proven track record of never paying out a member less than their advertised return over the past 5 years and established ourself as one of Australia’s leaders in the blockchain space.

For an in-depth look into the cryptocurrency mining process, we invite you to explore further here.


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What We Do

What Can We Do For You?

NGS Crypto empowers you with cryptocurrency mining packages, delivering daily returns via the blockchain mining company NGS Group. Choose a term of 2, 3, 5, 7, or 10 years to lock in your funds, and receive daily payouts in your NGS Group account for validating cryptocurrency transactions on the blockchain network.

Create Passive Returns

We like to keep things simple offering passive returns on your subscription.

Earn 6-16% A Year

Our mining packages offer returns of 6-16% pa.

Get Refunded

At the end of your agreed cryptocurrency mining term, we'll return your entire initial subscription amount.

Earn Capital Growth

Our cryptocurrency mining packages allow members the choice to 'lock in' their returns, or accumulate them for capital growth.

Fixed-Rate Returns

Know ahead of time, what you'll earn with our minimum fixed-rate returns, which are paid daily.

Diversify Wealth

Diversify wealth and get exposure in the emerging digital asset space.

Subscribe Through A SMSF

Earn Up to 16% p.a. Through a Self-managed Super Fund

  • Simple setup with minimal documentation: Trustee, ACN, and Super Fund Name
  • Unique Asset SMSF subscriptions through crypto mining
  • Personalised support from our SMSF crypto mining Experts
  • Use our mining calculator to forecast your potential earnings
  • Minimum SMSF subscription amounts apply

Hear Directly From Members

Listen to their experiences with NGS Crypto, in their own words…

how we empower members

5 Promises To Members

For most potential members, the number one reason they sit on the fence about using a crypto mining company is they’re worried about the ‘what ifs’… and we understand that. That’s why we have our 5 promises, which you can learn more about here.

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Flexible Packages

With packages to suit almost every budget, we strive to give our members flexible choices across general and SMSF packages.

Industry Leaders

NGS Crypto is leading the way for investing through blockchain mining operations and is one of the oldest cryptocurrency mining companies in Australia.

Australian Owned & Operated

When you subscribe to a blockchain mining package with NGS Crypto, you’re partnering with Aussies who are pioneering the crypto mining industry in Australia.

Independent Service Providers