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Justin Whetton

After initially being skeptical towards promises & returns, Justin explains his journey from a $1000 subscription, to rolling his super into a mining agreement.

Member Stories

Athol & Anniss

Athol & Anniss originally felt they were helplessly headed towards a pension-reliant retirement. After just 4 years, they’re now on track to generate enough in their super to self-fund their retirement.

Member Stories

Robert (Wilbur) Woollams

From having his super ‘floating around’ achieving little results, to generating daily, consistent returns. Hear Roberts story. Going from a $500 punt, to then subscribing with a SMSF.

Member Stories

Sharon Bellamy

What Sharon appreciated: Interest paid daily, good returns and consistency. Hear her story and thoughts “you’re not getting in the banks.”

Member Stories

Ron Payne

“I’ve got to say it’s probably the best thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

Hear Ron’s story, and how he’s been able to generate ‘remarkable’ results – earning him upwards of 25-30% pa.

Member Stories

Stacy Besol

From initial skeptic, to exceeding any super returns he’s been involved with to date. Hear Stacy’s journey and how we’ve ‘ticked all the boxes’ for him.

Case Studies

Case Study: Michelle

Learn how Michelle started with a $1000 agreement, then rolled over $180,000 of Super.

Case Studies

Case Study: Rob

Rob Rolls Over $140,000+ In Super, After Starting With Just A $500 Agreement.