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How Digital Asset Mining Can Help You Generate Passive Income Of $20,000-$50,000 A Year…Without Putting You In Massive Debt

Imagine an investment opportunity that produced some of the best returns in the world,

…that paid you a predictable minimum fixed-rate yield,

……that was generating passive-income,

And at the end of the day, refunded 100% of your initial investment,

…You’d likely be thinking it sounds ‘too good to be true’ right?

For most members, when they first hear about NGS Crypto or speak to one of our specialists, this is exactly what they’re thinking.

That is until they understand HOW Digital Asset Mining Works…

Now maybe you have heard of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin or Digital assets before,

You might have invested or have friends that have made or lost money,

And that’s likely affected how you view the industry as a whole…

But here’s where we’re a little different:

We don’t BUY digital assets or cryptocurrency, we ‘Mine’ it

The easiest way to understand Digital Asset mining (also known as blockchain or cryptocurrency mining) is like investing in a bank ATM.

You buy, own and manage the machine, and every time someone uses your machines, you make a small fee from the transaction.

Multiplying this analogy by thousands of machines, and millions of transactions – this is the simplest way to understand how Digital Asset Mining works….

…and ultimately, how we make returns for our clients.

So regardless of the volatility, swings and the market going up and down, we are still able to generate predictable returns ahead of time, based on mathmatics. 

Because every single day, up to $233 Billion worth of Digital Assets are being transacted all around the world.

And we’re getting paid to facilitate these transactions.

So, if you’re looking for the best way to build a passive income, and create life-changing
lasting wealth,

And be in a position to pay off your home, self-fund your retirement and setup your kids financially.

This will likely be the greatest financial opportunity of your lifetime.

Here are just some of the ways we help our members

  • We can help you generate consistent, high returns ranging from 6-17.5% pa
  • We can help you generate capital growth on your investment (some members have made 100% + in a single year)
  • We can show you strategies to practically cut your mortgage in half
  • We can help you supercharge your super – generating up to 3x more for your retirement
  • We can help you get involved in Bitcoin & cryptocurrency in one of the safest possible ways
  • We can show you a way to achieve these results, without putting you in huge debt
  • We can help you safeguard your money in the current pandemic-affected economy

Really with our system, there are just so many ways we can help our members to achieve their financial goals…whatever they may be.

So, if you are tired of working hard for your money, tired of underperforming investments, inflation or just feel ‘stuck’ with achieving your financial goals, you owe it to yourself to at least explore Digital Asset Mining.

And right now, we’re offering a 30-minute cost & obligation free meeting with one of our blockchain mining specialists.

During the meeting, you can get a complete overview of the ins-and-outs of our product, ask any questions you may have, and ultimately work out if this is a good fit for you and your cirumstances.

Hear Direct From NGS Members

Their experiences & success with NGS Crypto

We've got your back

These are just some of the reasons our 750+ members have partnered with NGS Crypto:

We Offer Passive-Investment Packages
We like to keep things simple for our members, offering ‘set and forget’ packages where the heavy lifting is all taken care of. All you need to do is pick your desired amount and package, and we’ll take care of the rest.
We Generate Some Of The Best Returns In The World
With packages offering 6-16% pa, we offer some of highest yield you’ll find anywhere.
We Refund 100% Of Your Initial Investment
At the end of your agreed term, we'll refund you your entire initial capital investment. Think term deposit, with potentially 15x ROI.
We Give You The Opportunity To Earn Capital Growth
Rather than being forced to speculate your funds in a highly volatile market, or set up your own mining facility, we help you get involved in this new asset class, in one of the safest ways possible.
We Pay You A Fixed-Minimum Return
We take the guesswork out of things. Know ahead of time, exactly what you'll earn with our minimum fixed-rate returns.
We Pay Your Interest Every Single Day
Forget monthly or annual payouts, with NGS you can check your account balance, transact or withdraw your money - anywhere, anytime.
We Give You The Opportunity To Make Life-Changing Wealth
How would you like the opportunity to make 100%, 200% or even 500%+ returns? Utilizing our ‘Capital Growth’ strategies, like many of our members, you have an potential to generate truly life-changing wealth over the next 5-10 years.
We Give You 3 Ways To Invest
Whether you’re looking to invest with cash, or are looking to get a bit more out of you home equity or superannuation, we have you covered. With existing relations with some of Australia’s leading tax and financial services businesses, we’ll organise everything you need, to invest in the way that best suits you.
We Help You Get Involved In Cryptocurrency In A Safer Way
As the best performing asset class over the last 10-years, it's no wonder why so many people want to get involved with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. By Mining With NGS Crypto, you can get involved in Digital Assets, with a lower level of risk.
We Help You Diversify Your Risk
If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that anything can happen. With consistent, reliable income and exposure to a new asset class, we can help diversify your assets, and reduce your overall level of risk.
We Thrive When Others Flounder
Based on the way our packages are structured, our members are able to make consistent reliable, returns in a crashing or ‘bear’ market.
We Offer A Unique Solution To Making Money
If you’re tired of dwindling returns from your other investments, looking for a new hedge against inflation, or a new alternative asset to invest, NGS is likely the solution you’ve been dreaming of.

Our Process


Education & Assessment

With anything new, you’ll likely have a lot of questions – we get that. That’s why the first step to becoming an NGS member starts with a free 30-minute strategy session. In this session, we can explain the ins-and-outs of our system, and help you work out if this is a good fit for you.


Forecasting Returns

If it sounds like NGS Crypto is a good fit, the next step is to work out your financial goals, potentially returns, and the strategy moving forward. This is where we ‘crunch the numbers’ and put together a step-by-step plan for you to use as a ‘roadmap’ to achieve your financial goals.


Finance & Setup

If you’re looking to invest using your equity or super, this is where you will sit down with either our trusted partners, or your own finance specialists, to ensure you’re setup with the correct structures within your mortgage or SMSF. Once complete, and the money is transferred, you will be setup within your NGS Crypto account.


Training & Onboarding

Once you become an NGS Crypto member, you will start generating your daily pay-outs right away. You will also be taking through very simple training to get all relevant accounts setup, and educated around how to withdraw or manage your funds.



Once you have your account setup, and you know how to transact, the last step is simply to sit back and let the money roll in. Your results will be credited to your account daily where you can either accumulate them, or withdraw them whenever you like.

Our Happy Clients

How Much Can You Make With NGS Crypto?

See The Types Of Returns You Could Generate, Based On Real-Member Results

(Please Note: Members identities have been altered to protect their privacy)


How Stephen Made Over $225,000 In Just Over 3 Years With NGS…

Stephen was a fairly experienced investor when he first heard about NGS. While the idea sounded good, like other members, he wanted to put our claims to the test, initially investing around $20,000 in Mid 2018.

Upon generating fantastic results on his initial capital (approximately 96.52% ROI), he made the decision to invest approximately $150,000, around 5 months later. To date, this IMA has generated Stephen around $143,259.62 – a phenomenal 96.72% return on initial capital.

With the wind at his sails, in late 2019 he made the call to setup an IMA within his Superannuation. In less than 2 years, he’s been able to generate around a 64.47% – giving him an average return of  approximately 32.24% per year…

We’re incredibly thankful for Stephens faith in NGS, and grateful to have been part of his journey. We wish him and his family continued success, and can’t wait to see the evolving effects on his financial future and retirement.

Invested WithCash & Superannuation
Total Agreements4
First AgreementJuly 2018
Starting Amount$19,898
Total Invested$267,990.92
Currently Invested$248,092.92
Withdrawals To Date
Withdrawn11.97573752 BTC
Approx. Value$156,232.81
Current Position
Current Balance2.22919656 BTC
Current Approx. Balance$70,725.27
Overall Position
Total Rewards14.20493408 BTC
Total Gain$226,958.08
Overall Position$494,949.00
Total ROI84.69%
Shane & Eliza

How Shane & Eliza Generated over $206,000 With NGS In Just Over 3 Years…

Shane & Eliza first got involved with NGS in mid-2018, starting with a small amount of $1000. Within just 2 months, they were so impressed with the returns that they went ahead with their 2nd IMA – this time, with a larger amount of $40,000.

Over the next 6-8 months, their investment continued to grow, to date generating approximately 142.89% returns on their initial $40,000. After achieving such staggering growth, Shane & Eliza made the decision to transfer their super over – signing a 3-year (36 month) agreement, worth $150,000

Shane & Eliza have since invested a further $40,000 cash through a 4th IMA in early 2021 and are showing no signs that they’re done there. We’re incredibly thankful for Shane & Eliza’s continued support, and ecstatic that they’ve been able to substantially fast-track their financial future, goals, and retirement through Digital Asset Mining.

Invested WithCash & Superannuation
Total Agreements4
First AgreementJune 2018
Starting Amount$1000.00
Total Invested$231,000.00
Currently Invested$231,000.00
Withdrawals To Date
Withdrawn9.11365575 BTC
Approx. Value$171,804.02
Current Position
Current Balance1.08297514 BTC
Current Approx. Balance$34,359.34
Overall Position
Total Rewards10.19663089 BTC
Total Gain$206,163.36
Overall Position$437,163.36
Total ROI89.25%

How Christine Made 81.36% On Her Super In Just Over 2 Years…

After being made aware of digital assets and cryptocurrency by friends at work, Christine did have an understanding of them, however, had never been involved. After getting a call from NGS, she decided to get involved with a small $500 investment. While this ‘throwaway’ amount didn’t seem like much to Christine, in under 3 years, it has generated a staggering 181.58% ROI.

But it didn’t take Christine that long to realise that the system was working. After just 8-months as an NGS member, she was confident enough in the returns to invest a further $120,000 using her superannuation. With a total return to date of approximately $98,534.57 or around 81.77% Christine has come a long way from her $500 initial IMA.

Invested WithCash & Superannuation
Total Agreements2
First AgreementNovember 2018
Starting Amount$500.00
Total Invested$120,500.00
Currently Invested$120,500.00
Withdrawals To Date
Withdrawn2.03377396 BTC
Approx. Value$64,525.14
Current Position
Current Balance1.00050000 BTC
Current Approx. Balance$34,009.43
Overall Position
Total Rewards3.03427396 BTC
Total Gain$98,534.57
Overall Position$219,034.57
Total ROI81.77%

From $500 to over $340,000 Invested With NGS In Just Over 3 Years…

Mark started with NGS in January 2018 with just a small $500 investment. Feeling a bit hesitant about the process, returns and cryptocurrency in general, he invested an amount he felt ‘comfortable to lose’. After understanding the system, how and where his returns were paid, and seeing first-hand the results, Mark realised that he could replicate these results with a greater investment. Feeling more confident, he invested what he considered her first ‘real amount’ – investing $50,000 in cash.

After another year of consistent, high-returns, Mark began exploring the process of investing with his superannuation. After being put in touch with our trusted partners, Mark was able to set himself up with an SMSF (self-managed super fund) and invested around $118,000 of his super, over 2 IMAs (Initial Mining Agreements).

Over the last 2 years, Mark has continued investing with NGS – putting another $160,000 in cash into 3 new IMAs. From starting with a small investment of just $500, he has now invested over $340,000 across 10 agreements…the results speak for themselves.

Invested WithCash & Superannuation
Total Agreements10
First AgreementJanuary 2018
Starting Amount$500.00
Total Invested$341,499.61
Currently Invested$289,247.61
Withdrawals To Date
Withdrawn9.52792567 BTC
Approx. Value$72,214.26
Current Position
Current Balance6.64796013 BTC
Current Approx. Balance$210,918.50
Overall Position
Total Rewards16.17588580 BTC
Total Gain$283,132.76
Overall Position$572,380.37
Total ROI82.91%

From Initial $2000 to over $250,000 With NGS In Just 26 Months…

Dave first heard about NGS is early 2019, setting up an Cash IMA of $2000 to test the system. After being convinced by the results, Dave went on to invest a large portion of Super in another IMA valued at $165,000 in Mid 2019. In around 2 years, this investment has yielded around $80,000, or an approximate return of 48.64%.

After testing, and proving the NGS model, Dave has continued to invest – setting up a further 4 IMAs, worth around $90,000. We’re thrilled that Dave has been able to generate such fantastic results, and wish him all the best in his performance moving forward.

Invested WithCash & Superannuation
Total Agreements6
First AgreementFebruary 2019
Starting Amount$2000.00
Total Invested$256,671.00
Currently Invested$120,500
Withdrawals To Date
Withdrawn4.60385621 BTC
Approx. Value$86,013.54
Current Position
Current Balance0.24763962 BTC
Current Approx. Balance$7,856.81
Overall Position
Total Rewards4.85149583 BTC
Total Gain$93,870.35
Overall Position$350,541.35
Total ROI36.57%

Kylie Invests $198,000 Of Super Over 8 Months, Makes 45.39% ROI

When we first spoke to Kylie about Digital Asset Mining, NGS, and the prospect of getting involved in blockchain, she was very interested. Knowing that she needed more in retirement, Kylie quickly went on to setup her first IMA through his super, with an initial investment of around $178,000. Within the next year, she rolled another $20,000 into her 2nd IMA. In under 2 years, she’s been able to mine around 3.78720570 BTC – giving her an approximate return to date of around 45.39% (or approximately $90,000).

With his year-on-year returns generating around 22.7%, Kylie is well on her way to achieving her financial and retirement goals years faster, through NGS Digital Asset Mining.

Invested WithSuperannuation
Total Agreements2
First AgreementNovember 2019
Starting Amount$178,006.00
Total Invested$198,006.00
Currently Invested$198,006.00
Withdrawals To Date
Withdrawn2.09991390 BTC
Approx. Value$20,119.42
Current Position
Current Balance1.68729180 BTC
Current Approx. Balance$69,749.66
Overall Position
Total Rewards3.78720570 BTC
Total Gain$89,869.09
Overall Position$287,875.09
Total ROI45.39%
Tom & Diana

Tom & Diana roll $278,000 Of Super Into Mining Agreement…

Being a high earning family, Tom & Diana were looking for stability for their capital and a way to diversify their risk against their existing investment portfolio. After discussion with their NGS account representative, they came to the decision that the best way to invest would be using their superannuation. Opting to invest in a ‘Sun’ package, their initial investment was $278,000.

After setting up their account in August 2020, Tom & Diana were able to capitalise on the rise in BTC price, issuing their first withdrawal 6 months later for approximately $43,600 – a nice return on their short-lived investment.

Since then, in just under 12-months, they’ve been able to generate an approximate gain of $62,500 – giving them a fantastic 22.49% ROI on their investment in under a year.

While this was just their first IMA, we hope that Tom & Diana will continue to see fantastic returns, and we have greatly appreciated their trust in partnering with us.

Invested WithSuperannuation
Total Agreements1
First AgreementAugust 2020
Starting Amount$278,000
Total Invested$278,000
Currently Invested$278,000
Withdrawals To Date
Withdrawn1.25340375 BTC
Approx. Value$46,854.99
Current Position
Current Balance0.49347415 BTC
Current Approx. Balance$15,656.36
Overall Position
Total Rewards1.7468779 BTC
Total Gain$62,511.35
Overall Position$340,511.35
Total ROI22.49%

Michelle starts with a $1000 agreement, rolls over $180,000 Super With NGS…

Even though Michelle was introduced to NGS by a friend, she still lacked a bit of faith in the process, cryptocurrency and the promised returns. Starting with a small amount of $1000, she invested an amount she could afford to lose – not thinking much of it at the time.

Flashing forward 9-months, Michelle’s perspective had completely shifted. She was sold on NGS, she had established a great relationship with her account manager, and was confident she could replicate similar results, with a larger amount.

Over the next 18 months, Michelle would go on to setup an SMSF, and invest $180,000 of her super with NGS. Though her terms are still maturing, Michelle has been able withdraw over $53,000, and still has around half a Bitcoin in her account!

Invested WithCash & Superannuation
Total Agreements3
First AgreementSeptember 2018
Starting Amount$1000.00
Total Invested$181,000.00
Currently Invested$181,000.00
Withdrawals To Date
Withdrawn2.80826894 BTC
Approx. Value$53,309.96
Current Position
Current Balance0.49809020 BTC
Current Approx. Balance$15,802.81
Overall Position
Total Rewards3.30635914 BTC
Total Gain$69,112.77
Overall Position$250,112.77
Total ROI38.18%

About NGS Crypto

Formed in 2018, NGS Crypto is a financial technology (Fintech) company, designed to help all members generate safe and consistent, high-return on investment; Helping them to build life-changing wealth.

Upon establishment, our goal was to give our members access to a new asset class in a way that was secure, free from volatility and yet still produced high returns. Essentially, we set out to create a product that could generate predictable, consistent returns; Without risking our members initial capital through speculation or investing in assets and merely ‘hoping the market goes up’.

Investing In Digital Assets

NGS vs Alternatives

If you’re looking to get ahead in life, chances are you’ve already looked at or invested in existing asset classes in the past. Whether you’re just starting your investment journey, or are a seasoned investor, you’re likely wondering how NGS Digital Asset Mining packages compare with other investments.

The following graph is designed to give a ‘snapshot’ look at NGS against traditional mainstream investment options:

Digital Asset MiningPropertySharesCrypto investmentPrecious MetalsBondsCash
Produces Capital GrowthYesYesYesYesYesNoNo
Average Growth (over 10 years)100% +6-7%4-5%100% +1.97%NA-1.90%
Produces Yield (cashflow)YesYesSometimesNoNoYesNo
Average Yield10-16%4-6%2.5-4%NoneNone1-1.5%None
Fixed Rate Of ReturnsYesNoNoNoNoYesNo
Debt RequiredNo DebtHigh DebtNo DebtNo DebtNo DebtNo DebtNo Debt
Risk Of Market VolatilityLow-ModerateLow-ModerateModerate-HighExtremeModerateLow-ModerateLow-Moderate
Management RequiredLowModerateModerateHighLowLowLow
Associated CostsNoneHighModerateNoneNoneModerateNone
Security RiskLow-ModerateLow-ModerateLow-ModerateModerate-HighLow-ModerateLowLow
Liquidity (ie able to be easily disposed of)MinutesWeeks/MonthsDaysMinutesDaysYearsMinutes
Payment FrequencyDailyWeeklyQuarterlyNANA6-MonthlyNA
Risk LevelLow-ModerateModerateModerateHighLow-ModerateLowLow
Physical / TangibleNoYesNoNoYesNoYes

7 Ways We Protect Our Members

The following policies have been designed to protect consumers and members and are stipulated by a legally binding contractual agreement:

1. 100% Capital Refund Policy
Upon the completion of your term, we promise to refund 100% of your initial capital – just like a term deposit.
2. Unprofitability Refund Policy
If for some reason, Digital Asset Mining becomes unprofitable and we are unable to maintain your current returns, we will refund 100% of your initial investment.
3. Fixed Return Policy
Once an agreement is signed, we promise to pay you the minimum-fixed rate of returns as stated in your contract. Meaning your returns are locked in at a fixed-rate and will not fluctuate over the course of your agreement.
4. Daily Payout Policy
Worried you’re not going to see your returns for 6-12 months? Not with NGS. Our payouts are calculated and paid into your account daily – where you can withdraw or transact with them at any time.
5. Cold Vault Storage Policy
We promise to store all digital assets, offline in cold-storage wallets. This ensures all client assets are protected from any cyber-security hacks or breaches.
6. No Speculation Policy
We promise not to speculate a cent of your capital to buy, sell or trade digital assets. All funds are used purely for mining facilitation, which allows us to make money based on mathematics, not hope, keeping your capital safe and secure.
7. Above Reproach Policy
We promise to always adhere to and operate in a way that ensures NGS is compliant, regulated and ‘above-board’ within all Australian government policy. This is done to assure all existing and future members of NGS Cryptos commitment to ethical and honest operation.
While we have taken every precaution to protect investments, the truth is that all assets and investments carry a level a risk. The difference you'll get with NGS Crypto is that we never speculate with your capital; In fact, we do the opposite. At the end of the day, the proof is in the pudding, and we put our money where our mouth is - ensuring you receive your initial investment, in full, upon completion of your term. We'd issue you the challenge to find a real estate agent, property specialist, stock broker or other investment vehicle where they will guarantee to do the same.

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Here’s What You’ll Cover In The Meeting:

  • Find out, to the dollar, exactly how much you can potentially earn with NGS Crypto on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis.
  • Receive a ‘numbers-driven’ forecast on your potential capital growth over the next 3-5 years.
  • Get a step-by-step breakdown of Digital Asset Mining, NGS Crypto, our business model, packages, returns and features.
  • Find out how you can structure yourself to invest with NGS using your super or equity.
  • Walk through a demo account in real-time to see exactly what our system looks like, and how you are paid on a daily basis.
  • Find out how you can structure yourself to invest with NGS Crypto using your superannuation or home equity.
  • Find out exactly how we ‘safeguard’ your funds when you invest with NGS.
  • Sit down with a blockchain mining & cryptocurrency expert, who can help you better understand the Digital Asset Space.

Please Note: These sessions are by appointment-only and limited by staff availability. As such, we advise you to book in now to ensure your spot as this offer may be taken down at any time.

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