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About NGS Crypto

Formed in 2018, NGS Crypto is a technology
company, which aims to help members
generate consistent-returns as an authorised
reseller of NGS Group blockchain mining packages.

We help NGS Group members to achieve
consistent-rate of returns ranging from 6%-16%
per annum*, returning members their initial subscription in-full at the end of their agreed

With a proven track record of never paying out a member less than their advertised return over the past 5 years, NGS Crypto has establishing themselves as one of Australia’s leaders in the blockchain space.

How we help ngs Group members

These are just some of the reasons NGS Group members have partnered with NGS Crypto:

1. Generate Passive Returns
We like to keep things simple for our members, offering passive returns which are paid straight to members accounts.
2. Earn Up To 16% Per Annum
NGS Group offers members the ability to earn returns ranging from 6-16% per annum.
3. Receive Initial Amount Back
At the end of your mining agreement, we'll return 100% of your initial subscription amount back to your NGS Group account.
4. Generate Capital Growth
Our packages allow members the choice to 'lock in' their returns, or accumulate them for capital growth.
5. Minimum-Fixed Rate Returns
We take the guesswork out of things. Know ahead of time, exactly what you'll earn with our minimum fixed-rate returns.
6. Interest Paid Daily
Forget monthly or annual payouts, with NGS Group you can check your account balance, transact or withdraw your money - anywhere, anytime.

Our Process


Education & Assessment

With anything new, you’ll likely have a lot of questions – we get that. That’s why the first step to becoming an NGS Group member starts with a free 30-minute strategy session. In this session, we can explain the ins-and-outs of the system, and help you work out if this is a good fit for you.


Forecasting Returns

If it sounds like NGS Crypto is a good fit, the next step is to work out your goals, potential returns, and the strategy moving forward. This is where we ‘crunch the numbers’ and put together a step-by-step plan for you to use as a ‘roadmap’ to achieve your goals.



If you’re looking to invest through an SMSF, this is where you will sit down with either our independent service providers, or your own finance specialists, to ensure you’re setup with the correct structures within your SMSF. Once complete, and the money is transferred, you will be setup within your NGS Group account.


Training & Onboarding

Once you become an NGS Group member, you will start generating your daily pay-outs within 21 days. You will also be taking through very simple training to get all relevant accounts setup, and educated around how to withdraw or manage your funds.



Once you have your account setup, and you know how to transact, the last step is simply to sit back and let your returns roll in. Your returns will be credited to your account daily where you can either accumulate them, or withdraw them when you see fit.

Happy members

How Much Can You Make With NGS Group?

See The Types Of Returns You Could Generate, Based On Real-Member Results

(Please Note: Members identities have been altered to protect their privacy. All clients current account balances have been calculated based on a Bitcoin (BTC) price of $31,726.80 USD, as calculated on 19/07/2021). For full details, see our financial terms & conditions

Shane & Eliza
Tom & Diana

5 Promises For NGS Group Members

The following promises have been designed to give members peace of mind and are stipulated by a legally binding contractual agreement:

1. We Pay Members Between 6%- 16% Per Annum
NGS Group will pay its members between 6% to 16% per annum, as stated in their IMA for the duration of their blockchain mining package.
2. We Refund Members Initial Amount In-Full, At the Completion of Your Term
Upon the completion of your term, we will refund 100% of members initial subscription amount to their NGS Group account or designated wallet.
3. We Will Refund Members If Blockchain Mining Becomes Unprofitable
If, for some reason, blockchain becomes unprofitable throughout your term, and we are unable to maintain your current returns, we will refund 100% of your initial subscription amount.
4. We Pay Members a Fixed-Rate Of Return
Once an agreement is signed, NGS Group will honour the minimum-fixed rate of returns as stated in the members IMA. Meaning member returns are locked in at a fixed-rate and will not fluctuate over the course of their agreement.
5. We Pay Members Daily
NGS returns are calculated and paid into their NGS Group account every single day. Members returns are paid in Bitcoin where members can withdraw or transact with their returns as they see fit.

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Here’s What You’ll Cover In The Meeting:

  • Find out, to the dollar, exactly how much you can potentially earn with NGS Group on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis.
  • Get a step-by-step breakdown of digital asset mining, NGS Crypto, our business model, packages, returns and features.
  • Walk through a demo account in real-time to see exactly what our system looks like, and how you are paid on a daily basis.
  • Sit down with an account strategist, who can help you better understand the digital asset space.

Please Note: These sessions are by appointment-only and limited by staff availability. As such, we advise you to book in your complimentary meeting as soon as possible.

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