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Frequently Asked Questions


NGS Group is a global business, compliant with all local jurisdictions, with registered offices in: Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and South Africa

Yes, NGS Group has an open-door policy, whether Australia, Indonesia or Hong Kong, given 24 hours’ notice via phone call or email with your account manager, we can not only facilitate your visit, but arrange transportation and accommodations based on your requirements.

Sure you can. NGS has several partnership programs and in certain case we may even offer you a country specific reseller rights. Just contact one of our offices and well be happy to arrange a meeting.

Initial Mining Agreements "IMA"

As mining is an asset-based investment, during any part of the Initial Mining Agreement if it becomes clear to NGS that mining is no longer profitable or commercially viable, NGS agrees to refund 100% of the IMA upon 90 days’ notice.

Generally speaking no. Your minimum monthly returns are based on our business structure which incorporates fluctuations in mining returns, with safety margins. Clients have generally exceeded NGS publicly advertised returns.

Mining profits are credited directly to your NGS account on a daily basis and are available instantly for withdraw or reinvestment.

Bitcoin currently has the largest market cap as an individual coin and therefore represents currently the safest store of value.


No. NGS Group will allocate you with your own personalized account manager, who will go through the various cloud based and hardware-based wallets available and step you through the different levels of security options to ensure that your mined coins are safely secured and stored at all times.  

Yes. You can also store up to 5 wallet addresses to your NGS Dashboard.

Absolutely not. It is your responsibility to keep your private keys and passwords safe and secure at all times, You account manager will advise you on the latest and greatest ways to keep your funds safe.

Yes, all mined coins are securely stored offline in cold storage wallets. “NGS Group offer Secure Off-Line Storage Solutions for our clients.”

Withdrawals are checked manually in order to safeguard client funds from hacking attempts and processed within 24 hours.

NGS Account

Yes, to secure your account 2FA adds an additional layer of security to protect your NGS account.

Yes, NGS will on a daily basis send you all relevant updates via Telegram, including (withdrawals, deposits, systems updates)

Your NGS account is designed to generate you an audit report over any specific period you require.

Your NGS account is designed to generate you an audit report over any specific period you require.In most countries around the world you need to pay tax. NGS advises that you seek tax advice from a registered accountant in your chosen Country of residents.

What you need to know as an NGS Investor

NGS knows ahead of time what revenue will be generated through quite simply the cost of power versus computing power.

Flexibility to mine multiple coins on a daily basis allowing us to mine the most profitable coins at anytime.

NGS is constantly putting new resources into the development of new technology and enhancements, such as power efficiency & liquid cooling systems to further improve revenue outputs and increase longevity of exciting computer power systems.

Adopting energy efficient technology to empower people financially through this new & emerging digital asset class.