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Website Disclaimer

The information presented on this website (https://ngscrypto.com) is general information only. It should not be taken as constituting professional advice from the website owner – NGS Crypto.

Any information regarding past performance and returns contained on this website should not be construed or interpreted as a prediction or opinion as to future performance and returns. NGS Crypto is not a financial adviser.

All views and observations expressed by NGS Crypto on this website are for information purposes only, are general in nature and should not be treated as investment or financial advice of any kind.

Before making an investment in crypto assets, you should consider seeking independent legal, financial, taxation or other such professional advice to check how the information on this website relates to your unique circumstances.

NGS Crypto reserves the right to update our terms and conditions at any time.

NGS Crypto is not liable for any loss caused, whether due to negligence or otherwise arising from the use of, or reliance on, the information provided directly or indirectly, by use of this website.


1 – NGS Crypto As A Company

NGS Crypto is a technology company, that is an Australian-based retail arm for NGS Group Limited (Hong Kong Company No 1963940).

NGS Crypto does not provide any financial services or advice. NGS Crypto generates revenue for its members through blockchain (or cryptocurrency) mining. 

Our blockchain mining packages are not a traditional or regulated financial product.

When a member invests in a blockchain mining packages, they are leasing mining facilitation, which offers them a fixed-rate of return, that ranges from 6-16% per annum (per year).

Our blockchain mining packages range over a 2, 3, 5, 7 or 10 year term which is agreed upon via an Initial Mining Agreement (IMA). NGS Crypto reserves the right to mine whichever cryptocurrency or blockchain assets necessary to achieve the agreed returns to its members.


2 – Initial Mining Agreement (IMA)

All Initial Mining Agreements are signed with NGS Group Limited (Hong Kong Company No 1963940). 

All advertised returns and expectations are subject to conditions and clauses as stipulated in the IMA.

An IMA is a legal document that has been drafted up by Rankin Business Lawyers in the interest of clearly communicating future expectations of prospective members and NGS Crypto.

NGS Crypto reserves the right to freely distribute its IMA in order to protect our intellectual property. 

NGS Crypto always recommends prospective and current members seek their own financial, legal and taxation advice prior to signing an IMA.


3 – Potential Earnings & Returns

Note: All figures relative to NGS Crypto Blockchain Mining Packages are based in USD (US Dollar). 

All references to other currencies (including but not limited to AUD, EURO, YEN, YUAN or GPB), are given on this website as a guide only, in good faith, to help clients make more informed decisions. Please note that these figures may be subject to currency transfer or exchange rates, and may vary based on the current rates or calculators used.

All advertised returns are subject to the ability to prospective members to invest and the signing of an IMA. 

NGS members will receive the minimum fixed rate of return as stated in their IMA, which ranges from 6-16% per annum (per year). The returns generated will be depend on:

  • The amount the member wishes to invest
  • The IMA term (2, 3, 5, 7 or 10 years)
  • How they invest (through cash, cryptocurrency, superannuation [through a Self-Managed Super Fund or SMSF] or using home equity [through a refinance]

All returns are paid to members through their NGS account (see section 7 for full information). 

Members will begin to receive their mining returns within 2 business days (if their initial investment is under $5000), or within 21 days for (for amounts over $5000).

How we pay member returns

NGS Crypto credits members NGS accounts on a daily basis. While daily returns may fluctuate slightly, NGS Crypto will credit members their agreed minimum fixed rate of return on a monthly basis.

All payments made by NGS Crypto to members are paid in Bitcoin (BTC). 

NGS members should understand that they are responsible for the management of their returns and sale of their cryptocurrency assets to achieve returns in their native currency (see section 7 for full information).  

All returns that are advertised or displayed exceeding the agreed minimum fixed-returns are based on both hypothetical and real-world returns (as generated by NGS Members).

These extraordinary results are typically related to a rise in the price of Bitcoin, which has been accrued by members over the duration of their IMA, that have not been converted, sold or traded.

 As these results rely upon the growth of Bitcoin (BTC), they should not be expected or relied upon in order to calculate potential returns, outcomes or decisions (see section 4 for full risks of cryptocurrencies). 

NGS Crypto Blockchain Mining Package Returns:

2-Year (or 24 month) Package Returns:

  • 6% per annum return, minimum investment $10,000 (Earth Package)
  • 7% per annum return, minimum investment $40,000 (Moon Package)
  • 8% per annum return, minimum investment $80,000 (Venus Package)
  • 9% per annum return, minimum investment $139,000 (Mercury Package)
  • 10% per annum return, minimum investment $278,000 (Sun Package)

3-Year (or 36 month) Package Returns:

  • 10% per annum return, minimum investment $10,000 (Earth Package)
  • 11% per annum return, minimum investment $40,000 (Moon Package)
  • 13% per annum return, minimum investment $80,000 (Venus Package)
  • 14% per annum return, minimum investment $139,000 (Mercury Package)
  • 15% per annum return, minimum investment $278,000 (Sun Package)

5-Year (or 60 month) Package Returns:

  • 12% per annum return, minimum investment $10,000 (Earth Package)
  • 13% per annum return, minimum investment $40,000 (Moon Package)
  • 14% per annum return, minimum investment $80,000 (Venus Package)
  • 15% per annum return, minimum investment $139,000 (Mercury Package)
  • 16% per annum return, minimum investment $278,000 (Sun Package)

 7-Year (or 84 month) Package Returns:

  • 12% per annum return, minimum investment $10,000 (Earth Package)
  • 13% per annum return, minimum investment $40,000 (Moon Package)
  • 14% per annum return, minimum investment $80,000 (Venus Package)
  • 15% per annum return, minimum investment $139,000 (Mercury Package)
  • 16% per annum return, minimum investment $278,000 (Sun Package)

10-Year (or 120 month) Package Returns:

  • 12% per annum return, minimum investment $10,000 (Earth Package)
  • 13% per annum return, minimum investment $40,000 (Moon Package)
  • 14% per annum return, minimum investment $80,000 (Venus Package)
  • 15% per annum return, minimum investment $139,000 (Mercury Package)
  • 16% per annum return, minimum investment $278,000 (Sun Package)


 4 – Risks Of Cryptocurrency & Crypto Assets:

All prospective and current members should be aware that they have almost no control over the price of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, and understand that the crypto market is subject to extreme volatility. Investing in cryptocurrency is generally seen as high risk.

NGS Crypto holds the position that cryptocurrency and blockchain assets are speculative in nature, and should not be compared with traditional or regulated financial investments.

In order to engage NGS Crypto blockchain mining services, you understand that you will be exposing yourself to cryptocurrencies and understand the risks associated with them.

Members should understand that this is an emerging space, and will be subject to changes both within the industry and relevant governing authorities. Cryptocurrencies are generally an unregulated asset, and will come down to the governance of their respective country and legislation.

In order for members to make an informed decision in what they are investing in, NGS Crypto recommends that members have a clear understanding of the following:

  • The technologies that underpin crypto-assets, such as blockchains, distributed ledger technology, cryptography and others; 
  • how crypto-assets are created, transferred and destroyed; 
  • how crypto-assets are valued and traded; 
  • and how crypto-assets are held in custody

For Australian residents

NGS Crypto recommends reading and understanding the following documents, issued by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) as a reference point of fair and balanced information:

ASIC Consultation Paper (CP 343) – https://asic.gov.au/regulatory-resources/find-a-document/consultation-papers/cp-343-crypto-assets-as-underlying-assets-for-etps-and-other-investment-products/

Australian Government National Blockchain Roadmap – https://www.industry.gov.au/data-and-publications/national-blockchain-roadmap

In relation to the risks of crypto-assets, prospective & current members are encouraged to understand the following key risks:

  • Market risk – historically, crypto-assets have demonstrated that their investment performance can be highly volatile and there is a risk they could have little to no value in the future;

  • Pricing risk – it may be difficult to value some crypto-assets accurately and reliably for reasons including the nature of their trading, susceptibility to manipulation, and a lack of identifiable fundamentals. Some crypto-assets may be purely speculative assets;

  • Immutability – most crypto-assets are built on immutable blockchains, meaning that an incorrect or unauthorised transfer cannot be reversed and can only be undone by the recipient agreeing to return the crypto-assets in a separate transaction;

  • Political, regulatory and legal risk – future government and/or regulatory action may affect the value of crypto-assets.

  • Custody risk – Private keys to crypto assets may/can be lost or compromised, resulting in crypto-assets being inaccessible or accessed by unknown third parties without authorisation;

  • Cyber risk – because of the nature of crypto-assets, they are more susceptible to cyber risks than other asset classes;

  • Environmental impact –  some crypto-assets have a large environmental impact (such as electricity consumption in mining), and this may raise other risks, such as increased regulation or negative market sentiment, which could affect the value of crypto-assets.

While NGS Crypto may provide guidance to help members better understanding cryptocurrencies and blockchain (or digital) assets, we always recommend members do their own due-diligence and seek relevant financial, taxation and legal advice, prior to the ownership of cryptocurrencies.

5 – Members responsibilities

All prospective and current members should understand that they are responsible for the management of their NGS Account. This includes, transferring or selling their cryptocurrency to their native currency in order to attain returns.

For members wishing to generate consistent returns, they have the ability to withdraw their funds on a daily, weekly or monthly basis – however, these transactions will be subject to transaction fees (see section 10 for full details) and as such, making numerous, small transactions may reduce the returns generated by the member based on high network fees.

For members who chose to hold or ‘accumulate’ their returns in BTC, they understand and acknowledge that they are speculating on this asset and this may affect the overall returns generated by the client in their native currency either positively (if the value of BTC increases) or negatively (if the value of BTC decreases).

NGS Crypto holds the position that best practice for storage of cryptocurrency or blockchain assets is via ‘hardware’ wallets (such as an Elipal, Trezor or Ledger device). These wallets will be the sole responsibility of the member, including the security and storage of the members Private keys.

6 – Return Of Initial Capital

In accordance with our IMA, NGS Crypto agrees to ensure the return of members initial capital either:

  • At the end of the agreed IMA term (unless these funds are rolled over into a new mining agreement) – this will normally take place within 21 business days.
  • If blockchain mining becomes unprofitable and NGS Crypto is unable to generate the returns as stated in the members IMA – this will normally take place within 90 business days.

Members will have the choice to receive this refund either in Bitcoin (BTC) or USDT (Tether) to their nominated wallet address.

All members will receive a notification 30 days prior to their IMA expiring to let them know their account is due for renewal. If members do not wish to roll over their funds, they may nominate a BTC or USDT wallet address for funds to be transferred to. If the member does not communicate with NGS Crypto or request a refund, their funds will be automatically renewed for an additional term.

7 – Use of an NGS Account (Dashboard)

All prospective and current members should understand that they will need to use an NGS account in order to receive service. The dashboard will show members their returns, information about their blockchain mining package and allow them to transact or transfer their crypto assets.

This account will be accessible to login via https://user.ngs.ltd/login

Or to sign-up via: https://user.ngs.ltd/register

Users will be required to complete a KYC (Know Your Customer) application upon commencement. This ensures that NGS Crypto is able to verify the identity of its customers, and protect them against internal hacks or account breaches. KYC approvals are subject to a processing time of 7 business days.

Users will be required to setup 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) for added security. These will be subject to processing time of 48 hours from submission of required documents (photo with date + identifying legal document).

8 – Member Withdrawals

NGS prospective and current members understand that they are free to withdraw profits from their NGS Account at any time. Withdrawals are subject to processing times, which are clearly outlined below:

  • Withdrawals under $5000: 24 hours
  • Withdrawals over $5000: 7 business days (+1 business day for requests submitted after standard trading hours or 9am-5pm AEST)


Note: For SMSF withdrawals, members will need to complete a wallet verification upon their first transaction. This is subject to 14 business days in processing time.

As stipulated in their IMA, members are not able to access their initial investment until the completion of their term. 

Members should understand prior to investing that these funds will not be released prior to the completion of this term and ensure they have received correct legal, financial and taxation advice to ensure they can meet this obligation.

9. Deposits To NGS Crypto

Internal Bank Transfers:

In order to use our services, you may be required to make a payment using direct debit (also known as bank transfer). This will be given by your NGS account representative. NGS Crypto will not be held liable for incorrect fund transfers, leading to lost funds. If you are unsure in any way as to the correct address to send funds to us, we recommend contacting us directly through our contact page or giving us a call via 1300 001 647.

Cryptocurrency Transfers:

For Cryptocurrency, you will be able to generate a wallet address upon creating your NGS Account, after you create a purchase order.

Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Transfers:

For SMSF transfers, members will have to create an SMSF specific account through one of our trusted partners, Coinspot. Members will then transfer funds from their SMSF to their registered Coinspot account and purchase either Bitcoin (BTC) or USDT (Tether). Members will then be able to transfer funds to NGS Crypto via a Cryptocurrency transfer (as listed above).

10 – Additional Costs

Whilst NGS Crypto does not charge account keeping or management fees, prospective and current members will be responsible for any fees associated with the transaction or transfer of funds from members accounts. These fees are charged by the respective blockchain networks, and will be paid by the member.

11 – Loyalty Bonus

NGS Crypto members will be rewarded with a loyalty bonus at the end of their term. This be only be rewarded to members who rollover through the website directly.

12 – Use of 3rd party trusted financial partners (partners)

NGS Crypto has existing relationships with a number of Australian-based financial partners. These include, but are not limited to; accountants, mortgage brokers and financial planners/advisors.

NGS Crypto may refer prospective and current members to its partners, to receive appropriate financial or taxation advice. Members will not be charged any up-front fees from these partners.

Any fees incurred will be based on the member agreeing to proceed, and after understanding and agreeing to fees involved, which will be disclosed by the partners.

Prospective and current members will always be able to seek their own legal, financial and taxation advice. They are not expected or obligated to proceed using any services from our partners to receive service from NGS Crypto.

NGS Crypto does not receive any financial reimbursing or other benefits from these partners.

13. Use of 3rd party stories (Member Stories)

All statements made in video by NGS members are entirely unscripted and based on their experiences with NGS Crypto. These meetings are conducted via zoom, where NGS members share their experience, which is then edited and published by NGS Crypto. These videos are generally viewed and approved by the relevant member prior to being published on the website.

As a way to protect members privacy, NGS Crypto does not disclose any particular financial information relating to these members. Members may disclose particular financial information throughout these videos, however, this information is typically general figures and should not be relied upon as factual.

All members who participate in the video testimonials are offered a small gift (irrespective of their views) as thanks for their participation and for taking time out of their busy lives to share their experiences. 

While the statements in these videos have been presented to be contextual, accurate and true – NGS Crypto does not believe that they should be interpreted as factual or accurate, and as such, all information presented should be taken as ‘opinion only’ which is presented in good faith.

14. Member Case Studies 

All case study names, photos or other identifying information have been altered to protect member’s identities and privacy and therefore, will not be accurate, factual or correct. All members current account balances have been calculated based on a Bitcoin (BTC) price of $31,726.80 USD, as calculated on 19/07/2021. 

All members’ account withdrawals have been based on the ‘Close’ price of Bitcoin, in USD (US Dollar), from information provided by Yahoo Finance (finance.yahoo.com).

As this information is provided by a 3rd party source, it is taken in good faith, however, should not be taken as factual nor relied upon for complete accuracy of results, returns or profit.

All data and calculations have been based on client’s commencement dates, and client withdrawals, as accessed through the NGS Crypto client portal and may not represent actual returns retained by the client.

Though all data has been gathered, calculated and presented to be as accurate and factual as possible, it is subject to many factors that are not discussed in this article that may affect the clients’ actual results or returns. This may include, but is not limited to;

  • exchange rates [including the value of Bitcoin (BTC) & the value of the US dollar (USD)]
  • network or transaction fees
  • taxation
  • the client’s ability to process transactions
  • whether the gains were realised by the client once they were withdrawn from their NGS Crypto wallet
  • other such anomalies that were not known or disclosed to NGS Crypto. 

Though the information in case studies are presented in good faith, to be as accurate and factual as possible, NGS Crypto cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information presented.

As such, NGS Crypto presents this information as educational and general in nature, and does not recommend relying on any of the information presented to be factual, accurate or correct.

15 – Calculators and tools 

The calculators and tools on this website are provided for your information and to illustrate potential outcomes or scenarios. The results should not be taken as a substitute for professional advice. All reasonable care has been taken in preparing and designing the calculators and tools; however, NGS Crypto PTY LTD provides no warranties and makes no representation that the information provided by the calculators and tools is appropriate for your particular circumstances or indicates you should follow a particular course of action. 

16 – Links 

We link to external sites for your convenience and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) purposes.  When following links to other websites, we encourage you to examine the copyright, privacy and disclaimer notices on those websites. Please report any broken links using our contact page