Through our NGS Crypto Mortgage Holiday packages you have the opportunity to continue your mortgage holiday.

Did you know that many Australians who are currently mortgage holders have over 50% equity in their current home or investment properties? By unlocking that unused equity you have the ability to offset 100% of your monthly mortgage payments.

When you become a member with NGS Crypto, returns are paid out daily into your NGS Crypto account. Rather than withdrawing your returns monthly, majority of our members who utilise their accounts for their personal mortgage repayments will withdraw weekly; this reduces the amount of interest paid over the lifespan of your mortgage.

Free Up Your Current Income To:

- Pay off your mortgage sooner
- Re-invest into your own business
- Build a stable and reliable income to increase your borrowing capacity for future investments
- Increase your current standard of living
- Fund your retirement
- Pay off personal debts sooner

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Refinancing options
$ 667 USD
Monthly returns
8 %
Yearly return on 36 month plan
$ 24000 USD
Full term return
$ 750 USD
Monthly returns
9 %
Yearly return on 48 month plan
$ 36000 USD
Full term return
$ 833 USD
Monthly returns
10 %
Yearly return on 60 month plan
$ 50000 USD
Full term return
* The above monthly returns and yearly percentages are paid out daily directly into your NGS account in Bitcoin and are therefore subject to the fluctuations of the BTC price against USD, in some cases returns can far exceed the above advertised returns

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