When The Bull Run Ends

When The Bull Run Ends

We are currently in the climate of what we call a Bull Market.

Digital Asset prices are high, some reaching all time highs; and most people are making great returns on their investment.

BUT, what is your strategy for when the Bull Run ends and the Bear Market is upon us?

Historically, we have always seen the trend of a 2-3 years Bull Market followed by a 2-3 year Bear Market.

While during the Bull Market you are ale to make great returns, you still need to be able to safely earn a return even when the markets are down, and we are in the Bear Market.

Digital Asset Mining

You may be familiar with Digital Asset Trading; this is usually the day-to-day trading, where you buy coins either partially or outright, with your capital always at risk.

Digital Asset Mining however, is a far more safer and stable investment option to consider.

Mining digital assets ensures that your capital is safeguarded at all times, irrelevant of the price fluctuations.

We only saw recently Bitcoin (BTC) drop by roughly $10,000 USD in the time space of 24 hours, simply from a comment made by Elon Musk announcing that Tesla was taking Bitcoin out of their payment options for customers.

These are the aggressive price fluctuations that traders have to risk.

Did you know that when mining digital assets the lower the price of the crypto, the more you are rewarded?

This means that in a Bear Market, when the prices are low, you are mining more of a particular coin as compared to when the price of that particular mined coin is higher.

When mining at a lower price, you are able to accumulate more coins, and when we are in the next Bull Market and the prices rise you are able to sell those coins at a much higher price than what they were mined for.

NGS Crypto 

NGS Crypto is Australia’s leading and most trusted digital asset mining service.

Helping hundreds of Australian’s every day diversify their portfolios and enter into the digital asset market safely, with stable returns.

What our member love about the NGS service.

Now is the best time to secure an Initial Mining Agreement (IMA) through NGS Crypto, ensuring that you are securing your investment at the top of the Bull Run and you are ready for the Bear Market.

NGS Crypto offers a fixed rate return, with returns paid out daily in BTC.

Remember the price of the coin does not affect your fixed rate of return. So to capitalise on the Bear Market, mining coins while the price is down, ensures you can accumulate those coins at a quicker rate ready for the next Bull Run.

Mining digital assets is a great long term investment option because regardless of the commodities price, you will still make the same fixed rate return over the course of the investment.

How It Works

For example, on a $100,000 USD crypto mining package, over 5 years, with Australia’s leading digital asset service, will earn you a minimum fixed return of 14% p.a on your investment.

That is $14,000 USD return per year.

Because their (NGS Crypto Member) returns are paid daily, you are earning $38.35 USD per day.

If you wish to take your $38.35 per day, and sell your BTC and move it into your desired currency daily you have that option.

As BTC fluctuates you cannot earn less than your fixed return, as you have sold your BTC daily and moved it into a dollar value.

Alternatively, for example in 2019 when BTC was worth $3,000 USD per coin, and as example above states your minimum fixed return is based upon your capital amount, in which case your $14,000, would be worth 4.5 BTC.

Those that sold daily achieved no less than their fixed minimum return, but those who chose to accumulate their BTC are now in the position to sell their mined BTC at a much higher price.

If you sold 4.5 BTC at todays current price, your BTC would be worth $201,852.00 USD.

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