What Is The Risk Of Cryptocurrency?


With any investment comes some form of risk.

It’s a matter of understanding what the risks are and how your reservations are handled.

The knowledge behind each investment model (Trading versus Mining) is on a need to know basis and is imperative when entering into an agreement. It is important to know which is of lesser or more minimal risk.

When it comes to cryptocurrencies and Mining we at NGS are frequently asked:

  • Is my Capital at risk?
  • How safe is it?
  • Are my returns guaranteed?
  • Any other risks involved?
  • How secure is my investment?
  • Will I see the full amount of capital returned at the end of our arrangement?
  • What is the minimum investment amount?

If we are to compare models; such as “Trading of BTC” we have witnessed many “impulse’’ investors seeking the “Get Rich Quick” strategies which tend to hold a much higher risk rate.

Is my capital at risk?

Traditionally with “Trade” models the safety and security behind your capital is bound by hype and greed. Unless you are an avid and well-educated market analyst, the probability of loss in funds is far greater.

Let’s take Bitcoin and the fear of missing out (FOMO) as an example.

Whilst the price of Bitcoin proceeds upwards, our observations indicate several everyday investors attempt to tap into the Crypto space by making their move at time when BTC is at it’s peak operating under “the fear of missing out”.

In the event that the assumption of an imminent price increase takes a turn for the worse or gives way – we then find investors absorbing the consequences of the loss in capital injected.

History speaks for itself: In the 2017 Bull Run, we witnessed a number of investors experiencing a significant loss in BTC when the fear of missing out kicked in leaving participants in the “hype” created where investments took place with BTC sitting at $20,000 USD, only for the cryptocurrency to reach its peak for that particular Bull Run resulting in a major crash.

This type of investment model has proven time and time again to be too “high risk.”

Alternatively, mining cryptos have demonstrated that it is a fail-safe system, which protects you from the troughs and dips that come with trading.

While traders freak out when a price dip occurs, miners on the other hand get excited.

The Mining Strategy

This is due to the nature of the mining strategy.

When it comes to mining Crypto’s, we must understand that they are mined into existence, meaning injected into circulation.

By doing so as a miner, you are rewarded for this in the form of Crypto’s, for example, when mining Bitcoin, the current reward for mining one block, on the Blockchain, is 6.25 BTC.

This means we must have a proven model or system in place; such as NGS, where you are rewarded in BTC daily. If the price of BTC is low, you receive a higher reward compared to when the price of BTC is higher.

By mining coins at a lower price you have the ability to accumulate and hold onto your mined coins, ready to sell when the price rises again.

Back In February 2021 the price of BTC hit an all time high, breaking past $50,000 USD per BTC.

Whilst mining BTC compared to trade models you are steps ahead with the accumulation of coins as you reap the rewards of your portfolio growing whilst the space endures the various drops in price.

Advantages of Mining Through NGS Crypto –

Are my returns guaranteed?

Will I see the full amount of capital returned at the end of our arrangement?

What is the minimum investment amount?

How secure is my investment?

NGS Crypto gives the everyday person, or even an avid crypto enthusiast the opportunity to mine Crypto’s through a fail-safe system, which was tried and tested for years before it was opened up to the public investment market.

  • Daily Passive Income, paid in Bitcoin
  • Mining 24/7
  • Withdraw 24/7
  • Minimum 10% ROI p.a
  • Capital is safeguarded for the entirety of your legally binding Agreement
  • Your initial capital is returned back to you in full at the end of our arrangement.
  • Minimum investment amount; $1,000.00 USD

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