Abra, a non-custodial Bitcoin-backed global investment app has just released their latest service, allowing its users to easily move money to and from their bank into crypto.

The app, which is available to Americans only at this stage, supports thousands of U.S banks and credit unions, allowing users to move their money into crypto more easily.

Bill Barhydt, CEO of Abra stated in a media release,

“The addition of these new liquidity enhancements in or app gives users more ways to move between crypto and fiat. Were particularly excited about our partnership with Plaid, which brings thousands of additional financial institutions into the Abra ecosystems for U.S customers”.

The partnership established between Abra and Plaid means that the number of contributing partners has gone form only dozens to thousands.

Paul Williamson, Head of Sales for Plaid stated,

“Consumers need to be able to invest their money wherever they choose, regardless of where they bank”.

This is a positive step forward for the Investment app, and will hep take cryptocurrency to a mainstream level. Users can now easily own their own Bitcoin or fraction of a Bitcoin, being 100 per cent in control of their investment and wallet.

Barhydt stated,

“For the first time, we can truly democratise access to investment opportunities at global scale”.

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