There’s Another Way To Earn BTC Without The Risk Of Trading

There’s Another Way To Earn BTC Without The Risk Of Trading

Trading Digital Assets, while it can make you a large profit during the bull run, what does it do for you when we are in a bear market?

Recently we have seen the price of BTC drop by 50%, from $60,000 USD to $30,000 USD. Those who were trading lost a lot of money, and they are exposed to price swings such as above, which makes their investment extremely volatile.

As history has shown, we usually experience a 3-4 year bull run followed by a 3-4 year bear market. What we are approaching soon in the 3-4 year bear market.

Trading during this time will produce dismal results, but there is another avenue to consider to safeguard your investment, diversify your portfolio and take advantage of both the bull run and the bear market environments.

Mining vs. Trading

Did you know that when mining digital assets the lower the price of the crypto, the more you are rewarded?

This means that in a bear market, when the prices are low, you are mining more of a particular coin as compared to when the price of that particular mined coin is higher.

When mining at a lower price, you are able to accumulate more coins, and when we are in the next Bull Market and the prices rise you are able to sell those coins at a much higher price than what they were mined for.

Digital Asset Mining

Mining Digital Assets comes with little to no risk when compared to trading Digital Assets.

Through mining, you are able to accumulate and stockpile mined coins during a bear market, without putting your capital at risk.

NGS Crypto; Australia’s leading Digital Asset Mining service provides an investment service whereby you can invest into Digital Asset Mining, receiving a fixed return on your initial investment amount.

During the time of your Initial Mining Agreement (IMA) with NGS Crypto your initial capital is kept safeguarded at all times. Depending on your investment amount will depend on your % return on interest.

You can stand to earn anywhere from 12% upwards. With returns being paid out daily in BTC, you have the added feature of being able to control your investment, and stockpile your BTC or sell daily.

Flexibility of your investment is one of the great benefits of the NGS Mining model

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Recently we have seen the price of BTC drop by 50%, being an NGS Member means you are not at risk of these price swings, and you are still making your consistent and reliable returns daily.

This is another great benefits of the NGS Mining model!

Did you know that if you started with a $250,000 investment you would be making $781.25 per week, over 5 years? Regardless of the price of BTC!

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