June 28, 2019


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This week alone negative-yielding bonds have grown by about $1.2 trillion, yes trillion! Forcing the overall global total past $13 trillion for the first time in history.

As a result of this, Austria, Sweden and France have now too become the latest governments with debt of 10-year yields below zero.

Ed Hyman, Evercore ISI Chairman has responded in an interview with Bloomberg stating,

“The message from the markets is that there are problems out there that central banks, not just the Fed, are now responding to.”

In Europe too this week, yields on Danish debt which is due to mature 20 years from now has also dropped to record lows leaving it in very close reach of becoming negative. According to information received by Bloomberg, around 40 percent of global bonds are now yielding less than 1 percent.

The universe of negative-yielding debt comes down to the Central Banks and their movements. Can we really trust them with our savings and money?

There is a safer option for you in the form of cryptocurrency. You alone control your funds and transfers without any need for a third party to be involved.

Becoming a miner ensures you safety within the crypto world, and gives you the ability to accumulate coins, so when the price skyrockets, like it is soon to with Bitcoin (BTC) you can sell your coins at a time when you feel comfortable in order to profit greatly.

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