December 21, 2020

The Perfect Crypto Christmas Gift

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It’s FOUR days until Christmas!

Are you still looking for the perfect Christmas gift?

We have something very special!

Secure a Digital Asset Mining Package through NGS Crypto, Australia’s leading Digital Asset Mining Specialists.

The complete gift to secure your families financial future.

How It Works

When you purchase a Digital Asset Mining Package you are purchasing an investment into the crypto mining space.

Depending on your investment amount will depend on the ROI that you make.

NGS Members earn between 10% – 15% ROI p.a.

Your initial investment amount is secured for 36-months. During the course of your mining agreement (36-months) you are paid daily in BTC into your NGS account, with withdrawal access 24/7.

This means that you are able to access your returns on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis, this is entirely at your own discretion.

What’s even better is that your mining agreement is 100% inheritable.

Benefits of having a Digital Asset Mining Account through NGS Crypto

  • Earn 10% – 15% ROI p.a
  • Get paid daily in BTC
  • 100% inheritable
  • Legally binding Initial Mining Agreement (36-months)
  • Withdrawal access 24/7
  • The initial investment amount is returned in full at the end of the IMA (36-months) to your nominated account. 

Get Started

 With BTC hitting an all time high recently, mining crypto is the safe and stable option to enter into the market.

Buying BTC outright is very risky, especially if you are uneducated on the space. Mining BTC through NGS Crypto, allows you to steadily and safely accumulate BTC, while keeping your capital safe and risk free.

Contact us today to secure your mining package, and earn 10% – 15% ROI p.a.

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