The New Monetary Movement – Low Risk Investment


It’s the turn of history, a global monetary movement.

Traditional economic systems are being turned on their heads.

The banks are scared.

And governments are doing all they can to incorporate it seamlessly into everyday life.

It is here to stay.

And we know it as Crypto.

You have undoubtedly heard of the term ‘crypto’, or if not crypto, then Bitcoin!

A Brief History Of Fiat And How Bitcoin Has Dominated

For the last 5,000 years money has been one of the most important but least understood manmade tools in existence.

Money has been used as a tool of exchange since it first came into existence during the ancient Mesopotamia era in 3,200 BC, when people first used tablets, known as pictographic tablets, to account for goods such as grain, meal and malt.

Let’s skip forward a few hundred years to the time of the medieval days, it was during this time that people began to trade notes, and ultimately human beings saw the birth of fiat. At the very same time, fractional reserve banking was created because bankers knew that they could issue more notes than the gold shillings they had in reserve, and no one would ever know. However, this of course failed and inflation was born.

Since this time money and the idea behind it has evolved drastically from a system of information, to a social contract and further on to a ranking within the social and business system.

Over time the central banks and other major financial institutions under their control have single headedly, with no say from the people, created a system of fascism, crony-capitalism and corporatism.

As a result of this we now have the issue of the 1% group, a group of the worlds wealthiest people who control a great majority of the worlds capital, commodities, land, means of production and political influence.

Since the birth of Bitcoin (BTC) in 2009 the evolution of money has once again been altered and transformed society’s concept into something very different and new.

Why Was Bitcoin Made?

Satoshi Nakamoto developed and released Bitcoin in order to create a system that allowed the underlying assets to be kept in one place that is then verifiable by only the two parties exchanging. Creating a completely transparent ledger.

For the first time in history, humans and organisations have complete access to a medium of exchange that is not controlled by one individual or a group, it is not issued by a government or central bank and has zero corporate backing.

Bitcoin (BTC) has proven to be greatly popular among the people as an alternative to fiat currencies because it gives them the chance to redistribute the world’s wealth in a much fairer way that benefits everyone, not just the elite 1%, the banks or the government.

Unlike central banks, Bitcoin is not private, the entire ledger is open for anyone to see meaning the protocol can be audited 24/7.

Get Into Crypto Safely

Are you looking to get involved in crypto but don’t know where to start?

Do you need a safe, stable, low risk investment that will deliver consistent results?

Are your current investment duties delivering drab returns?

Hundreds of Australian’s everyday are turning to Australia’s most trusted and leading Digital Asset Mining service; NGS Crypto, to break into the crypto space, without the high risk that comes with trading cryptos.

Through the NGS Crypto mining model, you have the ability to have an investment that is going to give you a fixed rate return without putting your capital at risk.

An investment through NGS Crypto gives you the ability to earn BTC daily. For example, off a 100K USD investment you will make a fixed minimum return of $1,167 USD per month, paid out in BTC daily!

Because you are paid daily, you are then able to withdraw your returns on a daily basis to a reputable exchange, such as CoinSpot, and sell your mined coins on a daily basis, ensuring you make the minimum fixed rate return.

Or, you have the flexibility with your investment to stockpile and HODL your coins, and sell at a time when the price is desirable to you, potentially ten folding your returns on your investment.

The Mining Strategy

When it comes to mining Crypto’s, we must understand that they are mined into existence, meaning injected into circulation.

By doing so as a miner, you are rewarded for this in the form of Crypto’s, for example, when mining Bitcoin, the current reward for mining one block, on the Blockchain, is 6.25 BTC.

This means we must have a proven model or system in place; such as NGS, where you are rewarded in BTC daily. If the price of BTC is low, you receive a higher reward compared to when the price of BTC is higher.

By mining coins at a lower price you have the ability to accumulate and hold onto your mined coins, ready to sell when the price rises again.

Whilst mining BTC compared to trade models you are steps ahead with the accumulation of coins as you reap the rewards of your portfolio growing whilst the space endures the various drops in price.

NGS Crypto Mining Model

NGS Crypto, Leaders in Digital Asset Activities , offer a reliable, safe and secure model.

Your capital is kept safe through-out the entire journey with NGS.

Returns are paid out daily in BTC into your NGS Crypto Account.

This means whilst your capital is kept safe, you are mining BTC on the side and accumulating that BTC into your NGS Crypto Account.

One of the great perks of the mining model is that the price troughs do not apply to miners. Whether the price of BTC is high or low, we are still mining BTC.

Through mining, if the price of BTC is low, you are essentially rewarded with more BTC when a transaction is verified compared to when the price of BTC is higher.

When the price is low, you are accumulating BTC in your NGS Crypto Account at a lower price, and when the price skyrockets, as we have seen over the last few days, you are then able to sell your mined and accumulated coins at a higher price.

At the end of your agreement with NGS Crypto, your initial capital is returned to you in full.

We have recently introduced our Loyalty Reward Program for existing NGS members who have finished their Initial Mining Agreements (IMA) and choose to reinvest with us.

Get in contact with us today to safely break into the crypto market and start earning BTC daily!
















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