‘The Great Lockdown’ – “The Worst Economic Downturn Since The Great Depression”


The Coronavirus economic crisis now has a name, “The Great Lockdown”, given by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

IMF Chief Economist, Gita Gopinath said on Tuesday,

“The Great Lockdown in the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, and far worse than the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2008.”

Gopinath has predicted that the global economy will diminish by 3 percent; this is due to the current $9 trillion worth in losses.

The United States is expected to weaken to around -6 percent growth, along with many other nations who are currently in the advanced economic group.

“For the first time since the Great Depression both advanced economies and emerging market and developing economies are in recession.” – Gopinath.

Surviving The Great Lockdown

With unemployment levels at all time highs, and no definite end in sight to the economic crisis now is the best time to use your time wisely to educate yourself in the financial options that are available to you.

There has been a great push towards cryptocurrencies, as they are decentralised, there is no physical contact and compared to the stock and share markets they are holding strong.

Digital Asset Mining

Mining digital assets, or cryptocurrencies is a safe and stable way to provide yourself with a residual income, especially given the current economic crisis.

Mining is beneficial to any portfolio and a great way to diversify your investments. By mining through an established company, you are giving yourself the opportunity to still bring in an income, relieving some of the financial stress that you currently may be under.

NGS Crypto

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