The Future Of Bitcoin


Bitcoin is going to the moon. Institutions have shown a great interest in the asset and now family homes and electric cars can be purchased using Digital money.

The world’s top-performing asset hit yet again another record high! of $60,000 dollars USD, with a total market value of $1 trillion.

We’re also witnessing the present Bull-Run, compared to the last run back in 2017, an increase in both appetite levels and investment activities; meaning institutional investors and several hedge fund billionaires are wanting “in” on the digital forum.

Elon Musk, owner of Tesla, dump’s $1.5 Billion into BTC, with MasterCard also opening their doors to cryptocurrency payment options.

US President, Joe Biden’s economic stimulus bill of $1.9 Trillion, dollars passing congress has also influenced a price push for Bitcoin.

Wall Street and Goldman Sachs are also refreshing their cryptocurrency positions on Bitcoin; a far cry from their statement last year claiming crypto was “not an asset class”.

What we are witnessing is a crypto boom.

What is the safest way to enter into the Bitcoin market?


NGS Mining Model

We, NGS Crypto, Leaders in Digital Asset Activities , offer a reliable, safe and secure model.

Your capital is kept safe through-out the entire journey with NGS.

Returns are paid out daily in BTC into your NGS Crypto Account.

This means whilst your capital is kept safe, you are mining BTC on the side and accumulating that BTC into your NGS Crypto Account.

One of the great perks of the mining model is that the price troughs do not apply to miners. Whether the price of BTC is high or low, we are still mining BTC.

Through mining, if the price of BTC is low, you are essentially rewarded with more BTC when a transaction is verified compared to when the price of BTC is higher.

When the price is low, you are accumulating BTC in your NGS Crypto Account at a lower price, and when the price skyrockets, as we have seen over the last few days, you are then able to sell your mined and accumulated coins at a higher price.

At the end of your agreement with NGS Crypto, your initial capital is returned to you in full.

For a deeper dive into the above or for more answers surrounding “how” don’t forget NGS go live again this Thursday evening at 7:30pm [AEDT] so don’t forget to register and book your tickets.



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