The $200 Million Pizza and Bitcoin


In May 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz was the first person to make a transaction using Bitcoin to pay for a product.

That product was two large pizzas from Papa Johns.

At the time of the transaction one BTC was worth $0.003, making the pizzas cost around $30. Hanyencz used 10,000 BTC to pay for his pizzas.

Fast forward a decade and Bitcoin is now the worlds best performing asset of the decade, recently hitting all time high of more than $19,000 USD.

That $30 pizza would now be worth more than $190 million.

Bitcoin To Go Higher

There are many experts that believe BTC will reach upwards of $50,000 per coin, and they have very good reason to believe so.

There is a saying that goes “new highs beget new highs”, Ben Carlson, author of A Wealth of Common Sense has pointed out that when all time highs between 1950 and 2016 occurred, across the stocks and shares market and the crypto market, consecutively the all time high has risen each time from the previous.

All time highs do not signal a stop, they mean there is more to come.

This is especially true with Bitcoin, we have seen from the latest push that it has been driven by “big money” institutional and wealth investors, which is different from the first 10 years of Bitcoin where we saw more individuals becoming involved in the cryptocurrency.

“The amount of time it takes for a new technology to go from 0% adoption to 10% adoption is the same amount of time it takes to go from 10% adoption to 90% adoption.” – Brian Estes, founder of investment firm, Off The Chain Capital.

Crypto Will Unleash Productivity and Profits

Technology and the changes that come with it are inevitable.

If we look at monetary history we have always evolved, and nothing is new here when it comes to Bitcoin.

Good money needs to have a few basic functions to work effectively; it has to be a medium of exchange, unit of account and most importantly a good store of value.

Gold has been considered the best form of money for the best part of the previous 6000 years of monetary history, due to it continually being chosen by the free market as best fulfilling these three functions of a good money.

Lots of different objects and things have been tried as money throughout history, such as seashells, glass beads and the hundreds of paper fiat currencies decreed upon it’s people by control driven emperors, rulers or governments.

Every time a form of money was used that had an inflatable supply, greed inevitably got the best of people and the temptation to increase the money supply to simply enrich oneself, was ultimately a temptation too strong to resist.

Every time the supply of one of these forms of money was increased and followed by the subsequent ravaging inflation and hyperinflation of that currency; the people would lose faith in the currency, as their life savings and purchasing power are significantly devalued.

This ultimately led people to search to store their value in a form of money that physically couldn’t have its supply increased and function as a more effective store of value.

For 6000 years man kind has chosen Gold to be the best store of value because of it’s rarity and scarcity on earth, ensuring that it’s supply only ever rises by 1-2% per year through mining, making it a great store of value.

The game changing invention of the Internet in the 20th century, followed by the rise of Blockchain technology has enabled a new invention.

That invention is what we call Bitcoin, a currency that has absolute scarcity and gives humanity it’s first chance to separate money from governments control.

The inventions of the Internet and cryptographic encryption has given birth to bitcoin.

The more a new technology, such as Blockchain and Bitcoin, changes the world for the better, the more revenue it will ultimately generate, and the bigger the gains will be for investors.

This is why we are in a time of a major shift globally within the financial world, Blockchain and Bitcoin are changing how we interact with money, and it will touch every industry globally.

Bitcoin Mining and Staking

When considering an investment, one should always measure the risk against the potential returns.

When purchasing Bitcoin outright your capital is at risk 100% of the time. With the extreme volatility of the price of Bitcoin, this approach may cause some sleepless nights and upset stomachs.

Short-term gains on trading Bitcoin are undeniable; however, over medium to long term, mining is not only more profitable but carries significantly less risk.

Cryptocurrency mining is fast becoming a popular and safe investment option for smart investors. Given the current global economic crisis cryptocurrency has gained momentum and is fast becoming the number one investment choice.

When investing with NGS Crypto you can tailor your investment amount to suit your own personal financial needs.

Depending on your initial investment amount will determine your Return On Interest. Members of NGS Crypto receive 10% – 15% ROI p.a.

Benefits of having a Digital Asset Mining Account through NGS Crypto

  • Earn 10% – 15% ROI p.a
  • Get paid daily in BTC
  • 100% inheritable
  • Legally binding Initial Mining Agreement (36-months)
  • Withdrawal access 24/7
  • The initial investment amount is returned in full at the end of the IMA (36-months) to your nominated account.




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