April 11, 2021

SMSF and Crypto – Aussies Are Making The Move

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In the last three months alone the number of Australian SMSF applications in the crypto market has swelled by 53 percent.

Australian’s are looking for a way to create a hedge fund against hyperinflation, and diversifying your SMSF into crypto is the route that Australian’s are now taking.

Financial advisors are too developing their professional knowledge to include cryptocurrencies and how best to invest in them, in a safe and secure manner.

“There’s no doubt that bitcoin is now being seen as an alternative to gold as a store of value, reflected recently by the rising price of bitcoin, in particular, and the fact that cash, term deposits and bonds have less appeal because of the historically low-interest rates, that cryptocurrencies are becoming more attractive to SMSFs.”

– Shane Stevenson, CEO of Cointree.


There are great benefits to managing your own superannuation. When diversifying your SMSF into crypto you are allowing yourself the ability to earn higher returns than what current industry superannuation funds are offering.

Diversify Your SMSF Into Crypto

 With industry superannuation funds across the board underperforming, especially over the past year, people are looking for another option that is going to give them higher returns on their hard earned money.

Through a self-managed super fund (SMSF), you are able to take control over your financial future putting you in the drivers seat for your own superannuation strategy.

SMSF holders worldwide are turning to crypto’s to fast track their super funds, and receive returns that have never been seen before.

NGS Crypto is Australia’s leading and most trusted crypto service that offers SMSF and crypto options.

Members are able to diversify their SMSF safely and securely through the NGS Crypto model, making consistent returns, which are paid out daily in BTC.

The Benefits Of Investing Your Super With NGS Crypto

– Returns on your superannuation start at 10% p.a.

– All returns are paid DAILY in Bitcoin.

– We are 100% compliant under ASIC and the ATO

– 100% of your initial investment is credited back to your NGS account at the end of your agreement, for you to either withdraw or re-invest.

If you are a victim of an underperforming superannuation fund and need to get your financial future back on track, contact us today for a free, no obligation appointment.

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