Refer A Friend – Make Extra Money

Refer A Friend – Make Extra Money

As a member of NGS Crypto, you have the benefit of utilising our referral system, which in turn has great benefits to your own mining account.

If you know of any friends or family that would benefit or enjoy the NGS Crypto service, simply, invite them to join our service.

How To Invite

When you login to your personal NGS dashboard you will see on the top right hand side of your page;

‘BONUS Invite your friends and make money with referrals’

Underneath this you will have a unique code, which needs to be copied and pasted, and then sent to your referral, this can be done via text message or email, whatever is easier for you.

Once your friend or family member receives this code, they then click on this, which will take them to the NGS Crypto registration page.

They will then follow the prompts, and sign up as an NGS Member, with their desired investment amount.

IF, your referral invest a minimum of $100,000 USD with their superannuation OR $20,000 USD cash, you will be rewarded with a $3,000 USD promotional mining account.

It is imperative that when referring friends or family, you MUST use your unique referral code on your personal NGS dashboard, without this you will not receive the $3,000.00 referral reward.

If you have any questions in regards to referring a friend please do not hesitate to contact your personal account manager or our friendly customer service team.

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