September 10, 2019


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Australia’s leading digital currencies mining firm has just released how much money their members have withdrawn, and the amount is astonishing.

During the 18/19 financial year alone, NGS Members withdrew $310,571.67 to spend and use however they desired.

NGS Crypto expects that the amount of withdrawals will skyrocket once the price of Bitcoin (BTC) goes through the roof again, with the BTC halving looming.

NGS Members are making the most of the investment service and are enjoying their newfound financial freedom they have created for themselves, with the help from NGS Crypto.

“This is a no brainer. It was easy to get started, under the guidance of Geoff Wighton. All you need to know is at the touch of a finger. Highly recommend jumping on board, the best interest rate you’ll ever get.” NGS Crypto Member, Bronwen D.

NGS Crypto offers a unique and risk-free investment service, which allows you to mine digital currencies. With all profits being paid out daily, you then have the flexibility to withdraw your profits daily, weekly, monthly or however you wish OR you can HODL your mined coins for when the price of Bitcoin (BTC) skyrockets again.

“I have been self employed and managed my own business since 1964, and my best experience has been with Daniel and the NextGen Systems Team, I am kept more than well informed! The returns on my investment are something I have not seen before in my business life, I am very excited about my future, and that is a good way to be at 75 years of age. Once again Daniel and Team Thanks a Million.” NGS Crypto Member, Ron P.

Contact the professional team at NGS Crypto today to discuss your investment options and get you up and mining today to begin your financial freedom journey.

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Cryptocurrencies or Digital Assets, while a relatively new space and “a trend that has barely started”

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