March 18, 2021

Mizuho Survey Participants “Prefer Bitcoin Over Stocks”

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The recent US stimulus package released by President Joe Biden has caused a major uproar or shall I add compelled interest levels even more towards our growing digital asset Bitcoin. Resulting in an upward pressure in price.

In a recent survey carried out by Japanese investment banking and securities firm, Mizuho Securities, found that an estimated 10% equivalent to a good $40 billion dollars worth of the stimulus funding will find its way directly into purchasing today’s most recognised and popular digital currency.

“The survey predicts that bitcoin will account for 60% of the total incremental investment spend. We calculate it could add as much as 2-3% to Bitcoin’s current $1.1 trillion market value.” Dan Dolev, Managing Director Mizuho.

It has been reported that the stimulus packages will start rolling out over the next few days. Out of the 235 participants in the Mizuho Securities survey, 2 out of 5 of the stimulus check recipients have stated that a portion of the funds will be allocated to investment purposes, stating they “prefer bitcoin over stocks”.

Post Covid left our Monetary System to suffer however with an open mind we can all turn to “Bitcoin” hence being utilized as a resource for our financial recovery ahead.

Since 2021 now demonstrates an official “Pivot,” in our Monetary System and confirms “Digital Money” or should I say, “Crypto Currency” as a merging vessel now if executed and planned well, it will buffer our suffering economy and will be the new surplus moving forward.

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