Mining vs. Trading – What Is Better?


Cryptocurrency’s are taking the world by storm. They are fast becoming a more trusted form of currency to use, especially in countries experiencing economic turmoil, and with people and organisations who no longer trust the traditional form of the banking system.

With the outbreak of Covid-19, this has also accelerated drastically the use of digital assets worldwide. Digital Assets are more stable than most current economies, they are hygienically safer and less volatile on a long-term outlook.

There are many ways to obtain and enter the digital asset space, with mining and trading being the two most popular.

However, with trading comes high risk. Mining on the other hand, has been proven to be safer, more stable and reliable over the long term.

When mining Crypto’s, we must understand that they are mined into existence, or, they are bought into circulation. By doing so as a miner, you are rewarded for this in the form of Crypto’s. For example, when mining Bitcoin (BTC), the current reward for mining one block, on the Bitcoin Blockchain, is 6.25 BTC.

By mining through a trusted, professional mining company such as NGS Crypto, this gives you the ability to become a full-time crypto miner without the technical know how.

NGS Crypto is Australia’s leading Digital Asset mining specialist, with the use of the latest up to date mining technology, they make crypto mining simple and easy, while you reap the financial benefits.

NGS Crypto gives the everyday person, or even an avid crypto enthusiast the opportunity to mine Crypto’s through a fail-safe system, which was tried and tested for years before it was opened up to the public investment market.

But, what are the advantages of mining crypto compared to trading or buying crypto outright?

No Technical Know-How Required

When mining Crypto’s, this requires complex mathematics to decipher and solve algorithms on the Blockchain. Not only this, but to set up a mining machine, along with the running costs from home, in regards to power consumption and the technology required to keep the machine cool, this can be very costly and difficult for an at home miner to achieve, in most at home mining cases the running costs vastly outweigh the returns made. Not only this, but only being one in a Blockchain means the chances of being able to successfully solve the transactions, and receive a crypto reward is very hard.

By connecting with NGS Crypto and their Blockchain, this gives you the absolute best chance to grow with an already growing Blockchain network, therefore maximising the rewards made.

NGS Crypto utilises military grade technology in regards of liquid cooling for all mining systems, supplying a working system of nodes and a large Blockchain base to connect with.

Less Risk

Mining Crypto’s comes with far less risk compared to relying on the up and down price swings involved with trading Crypto’s. Whether the price of the coin you are mining is high or low; you are still rewarded for verifying a transaction. This makes accumulating coins achievable, and gives you the opportunity to stockpile your mined coins while the price is low and when the price hikes you have coins built up to sell at your own discretion.

As a member of NGS Crypto, you receive 100% of your initial investment amount back after the full term of the Initial Mining Agreement (IMA).

During your mining term you receive a minimum of 10% return p.a, with returns being paid out daily in BTC and access to withdraw 24/7. This allows the member to either withdraw their returns daily, monthly or yearly or as mentioned above, accumulate and stockpile their coins until a time comes when they are happy to sell. This is 100% at the members discretion.

NGS Crypto offers all of their members, at no extra cost, full training, education and support on the system.

Less Time

Once you are up and mining, your mining system essentially runs on autopilot, running 24/7. This means all you need to do is check your account as much or as little as you wish, along with keeping an eye on the price of Crypto’s. This too is part of the training and education provided by NGS Crypto.

NGS Crypto ensures that electricity costs to run the mining machines 24/7 are kept low. The NGS Crypto mining farm is run out of Batam, Indonesia, which is also the main electricity supply hub for Singapore.

Ability to Accumulate

When you become a miner you essentially give yourself the added advantage of being able to receive rewards (Crypto’s), which you can accumulate, store, hold, and sell when you are happy with the price.

As mentioned above, NGS Crypto ensures that all members are paid out daily in BTC, with access to withdraw 24/7, giving their members the ability to accumulate Crypto’s daily.

Diversify your Portfolio into Digital Asset Mining to Receive a Fixed Income

Diversity is key when it comes to your investment portfolio.

When investing with NGS Crypto, you are investing in a fixed term contract with a fixed income. NGS Members earn a minimum of 10% ROI p.a, with returns paid daily in BTC.

NGS Crypto offers 2, 3 and 5 year digital asset mining contracts, with 100% of your initial capital safely secured, and returned in full at the end of your Initial Mining Agreement (IMA).

Get Exposure to Crypto/Digital Assets Without the Risk of Buying

Buying and trading digital assets outright is very risky and volatile, especially with large swings in the market from day to day or week to week.

Mining has been proven to be safer and more stable over a long term investment.

Increase Your Future Buying Power Through Safeguarding Your Current Returns from Future Inflation

All returns from NGS Crypto over the term of your Initial Mining Agreement (IMA) are fixed, therefore you are protected from future inflation during the term of your agreement.

Become a crypto miner today with NGS Crypto. Contact us for a NO obligation, free chat about becoming involved in the crypto scene with Australia’s leading digital asset mining specialists.





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