August 5, 2020

Melbourne Property Goes On The Market For 73 BTC

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It is not the first time an Australian property has been sold in exchange for Bitcoin (BTC).

A Victorian man has recently put his Melbourne property on the market, asking for between 67-73 BTC for the property.

The property owner can expect to sell his property for the equivalent of $850,000 to $950,000, going off the latest BTC price. In a recent article published by the Herald Suns’, Samantha Landy, the four bedroom, four car garage, pool and man cave style house has been put up for sale because the owner considers Bitcoin to be “better than cash.”

In the interview with the Herald Sun, the owner went on to also state that now is a great time to accumulate bitcoin, and that he is doing.

“Bitcoin, tomorrow, could jump to $20,000. There is no other better asset class that has outperformed Bitcoin in the last 10 years.”

This is great news not only for the crypto space but also for the Australian property market and attaining properties with Bitcoin. The increased adoption of Bitcoin within the real estate market proves that we are accumulating our trust in digital assets.

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