Meet Three More Applications That Utilize Bitcoin Cash OP_Return Data

Over the past month or so since the most recent Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network upgrade, a lot of developers have created platforms and extensions that utilize the re-enabled Satoshi OP_Codes and updated OP_Return transactions. There’s been a bunch of social media applications like Memo and Blockpress that allow users to submit data that’s tied to the BCH protocol in an on-chain fashion. Now there’s an application that combines all of the data sent on-chain through a platform called Chainfeed A tool that displays a global real-time news feed powered by bitcoin cash.

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Three Apps That Showcase the Bitcoin Cash Network’s OP_Return Innovation


Over the past few weeks since the successful Bitcoin Cash network upgrade this past May lots of BCH supporters have been experimenting with the new OP_Codes and OP_Return transactions. Immediately after the fork, platforms like , and Blockpress also upgraded their software which allowed users more characters per written post. With all the OP_Return innovation taking place a developer called ‘ Unwriter ’ has created three platform extensions called Chainfeed, the _opreturn Twitter bot, and The applications work with programs like, while also using the Twitter API as well.

Chainfeed: A Global Real-Time News Feed Powered by BCH OP_Return Transactions

Chainfeed is a global newsfeed that shows all the messages being created on the Bitcoin Cash network in real-time. Basically, the tool logs all the OP_Return transactions on the BCH chain and delivers the data to users on the client side. Scrolling through the app’s interface shows all the OP_Return transactions taking place right now and a portion of the feed is a bunch of gibberish. However, users can filter the platform’s query so it only finds OP_Return transactions tied to specific applications like Blockpress. Chainfeed’s data site and the info shown can be shared with direct links alongside the ability to be bookmarked as well.

“There are currently two tabs: ‘all’ and ‘featured apps.’ ‘All’ is the raw OP_Return feed,” explains the Chainfeed creator.

‘Featured Apps’ is for applications that have their own overlay application protocols (such as or blockpress so far). It’s still early days so there aren’t many apps that make use of the OP_Return data transaction feature yet, but we will probably see a lot of exciting apps soon.

Chainfeed API.

The Twitter Bot ‘_Opreturn’ Turns Twitter Into an Application-Specific Bitcoin Sidechain

The developer has also created a Twitter bot called @_Opreturn which is a program that uses the Chainfeed firehouse API to monitor real-time messages sent on the BCH chain. Then the messages are replicated onto Twitter using the Twitter API. Visiting the bot’s Twitter page shows the application is quite active as it posts BCH-powered OP_Return transaction and streams them into _Opreturn’s Twitter feed. So far since Unwriter launched the bot the platform has tweeted 3,322 times and a good majority of the posts stem from the application.

“We’re turning Twitter into an application-specific Bitcoin sidechain,” explains Unwriter.


Watch All of Those Bitcoin Cash Social Media Accounts With

Lastly, the developer Unwriter has created another BCH application called . In essence, takes all your BCH-centric social media accounts from, Blockpress, and Memo and creates a platform that allows the owner to manage all of the tethered BCH wallets in one place. enables users to add wallets using public keys instead of private keys. Creates a watchlist for all of the accounts’ wallets so people can view their accounts’ actions and most importantly the funds stored on these websites. Moreover, users have the ability to recharge application wallets using QR codes and the Moneybutton application.

All of Unwriters platforms are open source and the codebase and descriptions can be viewed at the developer’s Github repository . The applications Unwriter has created just scratches the surface when it comes to the potential of these censorship resistant social media platforms and the extensions that have followed. Ever since the re-enabled OP_Codes and the increased OP_Return data, it has caused a tidal wave of platforms that showcase innovation like the apps mentioned above and other realized concepts like trustless betting , auctions, and dice rolls.

What do you think about the platforms and extensions Unwriter has built on top of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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