June 9, 2019


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Globally renowned crypto enthusiast, Bitcoin (BTC) bull and founder and CEO of well-known antivirus software technology, John McAffee has announced that he is set to release his very own independent cryptocurrency, named ‘McAfee Freedom Coin’.

According to his website, the coin will be launched in the fall of 2019 in the hope it will reach “the Holy Grail of cryptocurrency – economic freedom.”

McAfee has described this new cryptocurrency in a recent post,

“What is needed is a coin disconnected from fiat currencies and from other Cryptocurrencies alike – a coin with zero cash-in value, yet accepted universally. It is not based on any commodity nor is it connected to the value or behaviour of any external item or entity. The value of the coin will always be zero in relation to any other currency yet it’s natural market value is free, completely, to grow.”

McAffee, who is currently planning on running for President of the United States in 2020, is using the presidential campaign not to necessarily end up in office, however, as a public move in order to promote Cryptocurrencies as a means of securing personal freedom for US citizens.

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