Leading Ivy League University in the US, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania has introduced its latest online program on financial technologies, including digital currencies.

The new program, called Fintech; Foundations and Applications of Financial Technologies allows its studiers access to lectures and case studies based around payments, cryptocurrency, Blockchain technology and crowd funding, with many more areas to be included.

Students will also be presented with the opportunity to guest speakers from leading industry financial companies, including but not limited to payment processor Square, marketplace lender CommonBond and investment advisory form Vanguard.

Wharton may be the first US Ivy League University to introduce this particular type of education however; on a global scale they are not alone.

Already Turkish Bahcesehir University has opened their very own Blockchain centre at Boston’s North-eastern University, providing information support on Blockchain technology. In Colombia, the National University of Colombia joined the global Blockchain consortium for science, named Bloxberg. The relationship has been formed in order to “Broaden the scientific landscape of regionally and nationally governed Blockchain networks to become the first truly globally maintained decentralised network by scientists for science.”

We are sure to see similar education pathways become available in the near future, especially in Australia and throughout the United States.

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