Travelling the world is desired by many of us, and we all have our bucket list of places we dream to travel too. Below is a success story of just that, valued NGS members who are using their returns to fund their travel.

Lorraine and Greg Monck have recently returned after a month long holiday through parts of Europe, Croatia and Egypt, all funded from the returns made through their digital asset mining account with NGS Crypto.

Lorraine and Greg have been valued members of NGS Crypto for the last 18 months; during their time as a member with us they have taken many trips, with their last one being to travel through countries they have always dreamt of.

Travelling with Crypto

They took off, for their first stop in Venice, Italy. They walked the streets of Venice and had a great time sightseeing the town for two days before heading off for their next port of call; Piran, Slovenia.

Here they travelled the city for two days, visiting Istrain Peninsula, Rovinj and Opatija Riviera. Wining and dining their way around the many cities of course!

Next stop, Zadar, Croatia.

They enjoyed the local markets, boat rides, Kornati National Park, half-day trips to Split, Ston and Dubrovnik and a day trip to Montenegro.

They finished off their European part of the trip with a 3-day stop over in Cavtat, Croatia before it was time to head to Egypt to visit some museums, mosques and temples before heading off on their Egyptian cruise, travelling the River Nile.

Whilst cruising the River Nile they enjoyed world class Temples, hot air ballooning, the Valley of Kings and then back to Cairo to visit the Pyramids.

After an amazing four weeks abroad ticking off their bucket list they began their journey home, back to Australia.

“We have had a great holiday touring Croatia and Egypt with the money we have been making from our NextGen Investment. Would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good investment” Greg and Lorraine Monck.

Lorraine and Greg on their holiday. Croatia and Egypt.

We are very happy for Lorraine and Greg that they have been able to use their returns from their digital asset mining account through NGS Crypto to travel and go to places in the world that they have always dreamt of.

This is just one of the perks of being a member with NGS Crypto.

Perks of being a NGS member

Being a member with NGS Crypto means you are paid your returns daily into your account, for withdrawal 24/7. This ensures that all of our members have easy access at all times to their extra funds.

Our members use their extra funds in many different ways, from getting ahead with the bills, knocking their mortgage over, travel, tuition or simply just to get their savings account up to a desired amount.

This is just one of many successful stories from our members and we look forward to hearing from all of our members and how they are using their extra funds to tick off their bucket list!

If you would like to know how you can join NGS Crypto and start earning returns today to start ticking off your bucket list, contact us today.

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