November 5, 2021

How You Can Potentially Generate An Extra $300,000 In Your Super

Over The Next 10 Years

In the latest report released by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) they have discovered that as many as 1 million Australians are in fact tied to a ‘dud’ superannuation fund.


The financial watchdog for Australian superannuation funds has found in September 2021 that 13 funds have failed to meet their performance and fee benchmarks.


In a bold response to these underperforming funds, the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees (AIST) has called on all Australians to reconsider their superannuation options very carefully, especially in light of the new laws which came into effect on November 1st 2021.


As of November 1, employees who are changing their jobs will have their superannuation fund follow them, in a move made by the Treasury to reduce the number of Australian workers who are paying more than one set of superannuation fees due to holding multiple superannuation accounts.


According to figures released by the Treasury the average Australian worker on a $58,000 starting salary would retire with $497,000 in 40 years’ time on a “good” superannuation fund. 

While a figure of $497,000 in your superannuation account over 40 years might sound plausible to you, there are other options available to you that can have your superannuation performing much better.


See the reality for most Australians is that they have this idea that their retirement is “taken care of” because they have superannuation. However, for Aussies who haven’t had super paid over their entire working career, this so called ‘nest egg’ isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


In Australia, we’re incredibly blessed in both where we live, and how our economy generally performs. For the average Aussie, super and retirement are an afterthought that are 10, 20 or even 30 years in the future.


But here’s the thing – statistically, most Australians will not have enough to self-fund their retirements and will be reliant upon the government pension in order to sustain their life after they stop working.


According to the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) 2018-2019 report on Australian retirement, they found that the full single rate age pension only provides around 27% of full-time adult average weekly earnings. ABS (2018)


What’s even more shocking is the percentage of Australians who rely on the pension as their main source of income once they hit retirement:

So, this means that up to 50% of the Australian population are living (and relying on a pension) of just $22,575.80 a year for singles, or just $34,034.00 a year as a couple.


That’s to cover accommodation, food, bills, transport, health, insurances, clothing, entertainment, pets, kids, grandkids … the list goes on.


And that’s without spending a cent ticking anything off the bucket list.

So how much do you really need to self-fund your own retirement?


The answer is – there’s no set amount, it all depends on the type of lifestyle you want to live.


See the thing is, according to ASIC (Australian Security Investment Commission) Money Smart Website there are some guidelines to work off for annual retirement incomes:

For a lot of Australians these figures can seem incredibly daunting, based on their current superannuation balance and time left in the workforce, but there is hope.


How You Can Potentially Generate An Extra $300,000 In Your Super Over The Next 10 Years


By utilising that latest investment option, you have the ability to gain an extra $300,000 in your super over the next 10 years.


The latest investment option which is creating high returns for those involved is Digital Asset Mining.


Digital Asset Miners such as Australia’s leading Digital Asset Mining company; NGS Crypto, facilitate transactions, very similar to that of a Bank ATM.


Unlike traditional investments, Digital Asset Mining, if done properly, comes with less risk and much higher returns.


Australia’s leading Digital Asset Mining company NGS Crypto has made their members not only fixed returns that range between 6%-17.5% over a 2, 3, or 5 year period, but also the option for capital growth through our strategy.


The easiest way to explain an investment in Digital Asset Mining through an established mining company is like a term deposit, but with much better returns.


Through the NGS Crypto model you have to potential to fast track your retirement and earn much higher, fixed returns on your superannuation that other superannuation firms simply cannot compete with.


For Example:


An average 50-year-old Aussie, on an income of $78,000 per year, wanting to retire in 10 years’ time with a current super balance of $180,000, with an employer contribution of 10%, and an investment return of 8% per year, will have an estimated super balance of $365,245 at the age of 60 when they are looking at retirement in 10 years’ time.


This is through a general managed industry fund superannuation firm.


Figures and returns have been generated off the Australian Government Moneysmart website using Australian standard income, super returns, employee contribution and investment return amounts based off an average 50 year old Aussie. 


But, if you were to switch your superannuation over to NGS Crypto, based on the above scenario of a 50-year-old Australian, with an income of $78,000 per year and wanting to retire in 10 years’ time, with a current super balance of $180,000, with an employer contribution of 10%, and an investment return of 15% per year, you would have an estimated super balance of $665,655 at the age of 60 when you are looking at retirement in ten years’ time.


That is a $300,410.00 difference in your super over 10 years by staying with a managed industry superannuation fund compared to having your superannuation with Australia’s leading digital asset mining company; NGS Crypto.


Formed in 2017, NGS Crypto is a financial-technology (Fintech) business, that helps everyday investors to generate safe, high-return investments, that can create life-changing wealth.


Upon establishment, our goal was to give our clients access to a new asset class in a way that was free from volatility, secure, yet still produced a high return on investment. Essentially, we set out to create a product that could generate predictable, consistent returns – without risking our client’s initial capital through speculation or investing in assets and merely ‘hoping the market goes up’.


In essence, we wanted to create a product that offered our clients the lowest amount or risk, with the highest possible returns – that could withstand any market or global financial collapses or recessions. After years of development globally, we began offering our products to consumers in Australia in 2018 after getting approval from both ASIC (Australian Securities & Investment Commission) and the ATO (Australian Taxation Office).


As of 2021 NGS has helped over 750 clients world-wide, to get involved in Digital Assets, with countless success stories of helping them to create life-changing wealth. With a proven track record of never paying out a client less than the advertised return, 5 offices world-wide (including 2 in Australia), and 100 staff members internationally, NGS Crypto have established themselves as Australia’s leaders in Digital Asset Mining.


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