How To Use The NGS Dashboard

How To Use The NGS Dashboard

When you become a NGS Crypto member you receive access to your personal NGS Dashboard.

The dashboard has been specifically designed for ease of use whilst still maintaining the highest level of security.

On your dashboard you can check your profits made daily, check your monthly statements of returns made, make a withdrawal or deposit extra funds.

You will also find on your dashboard your unique referral code, which can be copied, pasted and sent to friends and family for them to subscribe with NGS Crypto.

NGS Crypto Dashboard

Step-By-Step Guide For NGS Members

  • Type the NGS Crypto address into google –
  • In the top right hand corner, click on ‘Login’.
Login to your NGS dashboard
  • Select your country of residence and add in your username, password and your google authenticator code
  • When you are logged into your dashboard, you will notice on the left hand side your account balance. You will have a BTC amount and what that equates to in a USD amount.
  • To the right of your current balance you will see you start and end date for your service.
  • Directly under that you see your total amount of reserved funds in USD. The reserved funds are what you will be paid out at the end of your service. In this case it is your initial investment amount, this will go up daily with your returns made. At the end of your service that will equal your initial investment amount.
  • Under your reserved funds you will notice a BTC amount, this is the total amount of BTC you have been paid out since the start of your service. Please note, if you have made a withdrawal, the amount in BTC to the left of this, your current balance, will differ to show that.
  • If you scroll down the page, you will see a statement of all payouts made to your account. You can choose to go back through previous months.
  • Through your dashboard you can add new wallets – this is for withdrawals. Add in a new wallet – ‘ Store a new wallet’ with your details and then when the time comes that you want to make a withdrawal you already have your wallet stored for those funds to go to.

If you have any further questions on how to use the NGS Crypto Dashboard please do not hesitate to contact your personal Account Manager or our friendly Customer Service Team.

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