Google Powered Crypto Wallet Hits The Market


Just days after the Samsung Galaxy S10 was released, featuring an in-built wallet for major crypto currencies, Google has gone live with the worlds first Google powered crypto wallet, and its free of charge.

Hut34, an Australian Tech company, first developed their Google powered crypto currency wallet in late 2018, however it wasn’t until February 25th 2019 that they have launched the wallet globally with exciting new features and a more user friendly accessible platform, meeting enterprise grade requirements.  

In the hope that Google will fuel mainstream adoption of crypto currencies they have purposely made the wallet streamlined and easy to use.

With a single click users can securely, quickly and easily access their Ethereum and crypto currency tokens via their own Google credentials.

Tim McNamara, Founder of Hut34 says,

“For consumers we have built a solution that removes many of the friction points people hit. We’ve made sign in super easy – leveraging the power of the Google and OAuth; removing the need to understand the intricacies of private key management to get up and running”.

To compliment the launch of the wallet, Hut34 has also released its ‘Wallet-as-a-service’ (WaaS) which helps businesses to easily get up and running on the Ethereum Blockchain quickly and securely with their own custom-wallet implementations.

“As we launched the, free of charge, Hut34 Wallet for individuals we were also approached by various organisations launching their own block chain projects. It was immediately apparent that extending our wallet technology to other businesses would help them alleviate additional development work and expense”, Said Co-Founder of Hut34, Peter Godbolt.

But, what’s really important?

At no given time does Hut34 have any access at all to the users funds.

McNamara says

“Leveraging Google’s identity and secure models means users can enter the crypto space seamlessly, maintain access to their addresses without having to store complex details, and not worry about anyone within our, or any other organisation getting access to their information”.

In addition to this, the Hut34 developers have also created an easy to use token conversion tool that allows users to easily convert between Ethereum and other Ethereum based tokens.

McNamara explains, “A lot of innovative technology and engineering hours went into developing this feature via a ‘decentralised exchange’ protocol called 0x (Zero ex). The power of this tech cannot be underestimated as it has removed the need for crypto asset exchange to happen via any third party”.

At the end of the day,

“With the Hut34 wallet, your crypto assets remain in your control at all times”.

We can only expect further developments with increased API functionality, DEX connectivity and fiat borrowing capacity set in the pipeline for early 2019.

So, the only decision you need to make now is will you use the Samsung or Google crypto wallet?

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