July 6, 2020

Generation Z – Re-Writing How Markets Work

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Generation Z also known as the ‘true digital natives’ are re-writing how markets, especially crypto markets are operating.

Members of Gen Z are those born roughly around the time period of 1995 to 2010. They are the known as the earliest youth; they have been exposed to the Internet, to social networks and to the mobile systems. This has provided them with the knowledge and comfort of collecting and cross-referencing many sources of information.

Generation Z is the largest generation in the world, making up for almost 30 percent of the U.S population.

Crypto To Accelerate As The New Traditional Market

A cultural and economic shift is quickly emerging which could potentially see the reshaping of traditional markets and a shift towards crypto markets.

Gen Z in the future, when they are financially in a more stable position, will see nothing strange and have trust towards allocating their wealth to digital assets.

Putting all of this together, the next influential generation coming through is living through a time where there is a large distrust towards centralised institutions and a high degree of ease of digital platforms and asset classes.

This gives us the perfect mixture for a generation to potentially rewrite the way in which our markets and economic systems work; moving the crypto market into what will be the new traditional market.

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