Bitcoin. It’s the hot topic and on everyone’s minds.

There are two options when it comes to involving yourself with the top performing asset of the decade.

Trading and Mining.

But what is the difference between utilising your capital to invest into BTC vs. Utlising your profits, whilst your capital is kept safe to invest into BTC?

What does it mean to you to free up your capital?

One of the ways in which NGS Crypto Members utilise their NGS Package is by using their profits, which are paid daily to then purchase BTC through a trading account.

Through the NGS Crypto model, your capital is kept safe, and returned in full at the end of your Agreement term.

With profits being paid daily in BTC, you are generating a passive income and are then able to enjoy the freedom of using those profits to then enter into buying/trading BTC through a trusted exchange.

This means that your capital is never at risk.

Lets weigh this up against purchasing BTC outright through a trusted cryptocurrency exchange.

By doing it this way, 100% of your capital is at risk 24/7.

Your capital suffers when there is a dip in price.

You are exhausting your capital compared to using your profits generated through mining with NGS Crypto.

We will cover the NGS Crypto investment model and how our Members use their income generated through their mining account to reduce debt and trade using pure profit, in our next online event!

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