Financial Advisors And Their View On Bitcoin


Economic markets worldwide are in a declining crisis and investment advisors are hot on their heels with advice for their clients, with some recommending Bitcoin (BTC).

The growing interest from financial advisors is demonstrating that times are changing and cryptos as an asset class in moving forward fast within the public and mainstream eye.

In a report carried out by Bitwise and ETF Trends, they found that 54 percent of financial advisors view BTC’s lack of correlation to other asset classes as a key reason for their clients to add the crypto asset to their investment portfolios.

The report also further explains,

“The finding aligns with Bitwise’s qualitative view of how the primary narrative surrounding the investment aspects of crypto evolved in 2019. From our perspective, 2019 saw a significant uptick amongst both the mainstream media and traditional Wall Street analysts in discussing crypto as a ‘safe haven asset’ and a new form of ‘digital gold.’ That messaging appears to have resonated with the financial advisor community.”

Adding BTC to your portfolio

Crypto becoming part of the mainstream is inevitable, especially given the current economic situation and the upheaval that the corona virus is causing. Stocks, shares and fiat currencies are failing, and Bitcoin, although it too has dropped slightly, is holding strong and people are turning to it as a safer alternative.

Given the nature of the high returns, uncorrelated with other asset classes, which are able to be generated from crypto markets, especially BTC, 30 percent of financial advisors have stated that the high potential returns available in the crypto market have made this type of asset class very attractive for investor portfolios.

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