In 2014, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) issued two taxation determinations clarifying that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are not money but are capital gains tax (CGT) assets. This new development now legally allows for Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) to invest and transact in cryptocurrencies.

NGSCrypto is the sole Australian crypto mining company that is superannuation and retirement savings approved, following strict laws and regulations set by the ATO and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

NGSCrypto has worked closely with industry leaders and appropriate governing bodies throughout 2018 to become fully complied under ASIC and the ATO, successfully securing a positive key affiliate relationship with one of Australia’s biggest and most successful financial wealth analyst companies, who currently have over $1.5 billion under management. Through this partnership Australians now have the financial opportunity to explore and take full advantage of NextGen Systems unique investment model.


To retire above the poverty line, financial advisors recommend you have at least $1.4 million in your superannuation account by the time you reach 65 years of age.

What did your superannuation achieve for you last year?

Currently most superannuation funds are only achieving a 5-7 per cent return, with some funds even experiencing zero or negative returns.

Are you on track with your super?

Here at NGSCrypto we can show you how hundreds of our members across Australia are taking full advantage of our unique investment model and are achieving upwards of 12-19 per cent plus, year in year out.


  • Returns on your superannuation are between 12 and 19 per cent per annum.
  • All returns are paid DAILY in Bitcoin.
  • We are 100 per cent compliant under ASIC and the ATO.
  • 100 per cent of your initial investment is credited back to your NGS account at the end of your 36-month agreement, for you to either withdraw or re-invest.
  • $0 upfront fee to transfer your superannuation across, which can costs thousands.
  • All daily, monthly and yearly account information can be accessed via your NGS account at anytime, permitting for 100 per cent transparency. This allows for audits to be carried out, whether you are running your own SMSF or you have an investment house or institution do it for you.
  • Before you make any financial investment decisions, you receive a FREE Financial Discovery meeting over the phone, with a qualified financial advisor, who will give you complete and individual financial advice.
  • The opportunity to request for NGS and our key affiliate to carry out a tax audit and compliance, so you and your family can sit back and enjoy all the financial rewards that come with NGSCrypto’s unique investment model.

Can NGS consultants offer financial advice?

  • NGSCrypto and our consultants are not licensed or qualified to give personal or financial advice. Where NGS members choose to receive any personal or financial advice or explore the opportunity superannuation offers you will be referred to NGSCrypto’s key affiliate who holds all required licensing under Australian law, regulated by ASIC.

Can I withdraw my superannuation returns at any time?

  • Yes, however, NGS always advises you seek financial advice before doing so to make sure your up to date will all audit and legal requirements.

Can I withdraw my superannuation returns back to my personal wallet or exchange account?

  • Yes, however, you need to register a separate exchange account under the full name of your SMSF and ABN.

Can I add additional funds at anytime?

  • Yes, through your NGS account you can add additional Initial Mining Agreements (IMA’s) at any time.

Are my returns based on the price of Bitcoin rising in value?

  • No, your returns are based on proof of work, which means by uploading massive amounts of computer power we know in advance the returns generated based on the number of transactions processed on the Blockchain Ledger.

Do I own the computer equipment at any stage?

  • No, over the course of your 36-month agreement you are simply leasing the hashing power. At the end of your agreement term your initial investment is refunded back to your NGSCrypto account for you to either withdraw or re-invest. By re-investing this allows NGSCrypto at that stage to purchase the most up to date mining technology.

Can I cancel?

  • Yes you can cancel at any time up to the stage where you have completed your financial discovery call. When you are happy to move forward with your investment then your IMA become a legally binding contract.

How much does it cost to transfer my Superannuation from managed to self-managed?

  • Depending on the company your superannuation is currently with to transfer from a managed account to a self managed account can cost $4,000 – $7,000.

How much will it cost me upfront to move my superannuation across to NGS key affiliate?

  • $0 upfront, once funds have settled and work has been completed for you a one of fee of $3,000 plus GST will be charged to your SMSF, payable directly to NGS key affiliate partner.

For further information you can visit the ASIC and ATO websites.

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