Dips In Price Are Great For BTC Miners


In recent weeks we’ve witnessed all-time highs in the worlds strongest performing asset; BTC, and we have seen a major correction in price.

BTC dropped by as much as 18% during the week, dropping to $48,000 USD. Placing the price of BTC at its lowest in about two weeks.

“We’re feeling optimistic towards BTC, very happy to see a healthy correction here, no market is straight up.” – Cathie Wood, Ark Investment Manager.

Typically traders, not all but for some tend to stress over these large movements, for BTC miners it’s a time of excitement.

Whilst mining BTC compared to trade models you are steps ahead with the accumulation of coins you reap the rewards of your portfolio growing whilst the space endures the various drops in price.

Cryptocurrencies are mined into existence, or they’re injected into circulation. By doing so as a miner, you are rewarded for this in the form of Crypto’s.

For example, when mining Bitcoin (BTC), the current reward for mining one block, on the Bitcoin Blockchain, is 6.25 BTC.

Through the NGS mining model, you are rewarded with more BTC when the price is lower, meaning you are in a significant position to accumulate and HOLD your coins for when the price goes up again.

NGS Crypto gives the everyday person, or even an avid crypto enthusiast the opportunity to mine Crypto’s through a fail-safe system, which was tried and tested for years before it was opened up to the public investment market.

NGS goes live again next week, so please you’re more than welcome to join our show and be fed with the latest news, updates and participate in the discussions and conversations due. Please don’t forget to register for your free ticket: hence you’ll receive a reminder email, notification and link.





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