March 23, 2020

Governments Overspending Amidst Corona Crisis Proving To Be Bullish For Bitcoin

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With every day that passes, we are kept well up to date on the latest decisions being made by global governments in regards to their economic status amidst the Corona crisis.

Governments worldwide are revealing that they are introducing economic stimulus packages and bailout budgets in order to prevent even further collapse of their economies.

However, the more that governments overspend during this time the more bullish Bitcoin (BTC) becomes, with expert analysts suggesting that the value of BTC could climb significantly due to inflation spiraling out of control.

Bitcoin To Boost During Dollar Inflation

It has already been heavily suggested that due to the nature of BTC, it is more than likely to someday replace fiat currencies to become the global reserve currency.

This is largely due to the limited supply of Bitcoin, which means that the ‘safe haven asset’ has a deflationary quality that is entirely unlike any fiat currency we have seen before.

It is due to this attribute that we can expect BTC to start its next historical bullish run.

Bitcoin Becoming A Global Favor

Bitcoin is paired against the US Dollar to determine its value, and as the US dollar value falls, we are seeing that BTC is holding stronger than most and could shine through in the coming days and months.

Due to the current economic situation, this is proving to be a positive for BTC, which could be given its biggest opportunity yet, in regards to price that we have never seen before.

We could just see BTC becoming global reserve currency which is has always had the potential to become, but has never had an opportunity like we are experiencing now to shine through.

Protect Your Wealth

If you have not yet considered safeguarding your wealth, now is the time to do so amidst to global economic crisis.

Stock and share markets are collapsing worldwide.

Since the global Corona Virus pandemic paired with the oil price war, markets around the world are plummeting, and they are going down fast.

The FTSE 100 fell as much as 8% on Monday alone, with experts warning investors, that as the number of corona cases is upping by the thousands, they (investors) need to strap themselves in for much more volatility.

This is due to shutdowns, isolations and interruptions causing a catastrophic result on a wide range of businesses.

On Tuesday, economists from S&P Global Ratings suggested that they expect the entire US economy to fall by 1% in quarter 1 of 2020, and a further 6% in quarter 2 of 2020, which will ultimately put the country into recession.

BUT, there is a silver lining!

Have You Considered Cryptos?

Crypto’s, while they too have dropped on the short term, are holding much stronger. Amidst all of the chaos, the price of BTC has performed exceptionally well during quarter 1 of 2020, increasing in value by nearly a third since the start of the year.

The given crisis is a great opportunity for crypto lovers, as investors are turning to crypto due to its non-sovereignty nature to safeguard their wealth.

If you have not yet considered crypto as an option now is the time to do so, even just have a simple conversation may put you well ahead of the game.

Contact us today for a FREE, no obligation consultation with one of our crypto mining experts to discuss your options.

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