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NGS Crypto is one of Australia’s leading digital asset mining companies, providing people globally with the opportunity to create a stable and reliable passive income online through digital asset mining.

We have hundreds of members across the world that currently use the NGS Crypto service to do just that! They are able to provide themselves with an online passive income, which has proven to be safe, stable and dependable.

Creating yourself a passive income or what some others call a residual income is only just a dream to some, but to others it is a fantastic reality that they are financially reaping from.

You just need to do your research and educate yourself on what it going to make you the most money passively on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis based on the hours you are putting in.

Please read – The Great Investment Breakdown for further information.

Traditional Means Of Receiving A Passive Income:

Bank Term Deposits

Traditionally many people would put their trust and their savings into a bank, which would receive them a percentage return per year. Once upon a time this was a plausible option however, given the current economic situation on a global scale, interest rates being close to 0 percent and inflation expected to rise over the next three to five years using a bank term deposit is no longer a reliable or viable option.

Currently we are in a situation where banks will not loan money to people who cannot prove a secure source of income. Banks will only continue to tighten up their lending given the current economic crisis.

The Australian Stock Exchange and The Dollar

For those who rely on the Australian dollar and the ASX, they have both taken a major hit and are suffering very dull results. Since the previous global financial crisis in 2008, it took 11 years for the ASX to recover somewhat, and then since the current economic crisis we are experiencing due to Covid-19, it has fallen back down dramatically.

Westpac’s senior currency strategist Sean Callow comments on the current position of the Australian Dollar and the ASX;

“Calmer [on financial markets] going forward but I don’t think there’s any reason unfortunately to be too optimistic over the next few months. We do think the risks are the Australian dollar heads back to the 60-cent mark [against the US dollar] over the next few months.”


For Australians who have chosen to enter into the property market, most economists are forecasting a major correction over the next five years. In the current financial crisis most rental tenants are finding themselves unemployed, leaving the property investor not only with a financial liability but more importantly 0 percent income from their tenants.

But you do have other options, and this is where making an income through a NGS Crypto package has never been more important for your financial stability.

Passive Income Online

Here at NGS Crypto we are providing a safe, stable and reliable investment option, which creates you a passive income online without any of your own downtime going into the investment. It works for you.

NGS clients, depending on their investment amount, are earning 12-19 percent ROI per annum. As you can see from the alternative options above, this is hard to match elsewhere.

The pictures below come directly from the sliding scale tool which can be found on the NGS Crypto website. The tool allows you to see exactly what ROI you walk make on your desired investment amount.

We have many clients who use their NGS package for different reasons, some for extra savings, some for travel and others to get their mortgage knocked over. It is the flexibility of the investment that NGS Members appreciate the most.

It is completely at your own discretion how you utilise your returns.

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