June 28, 2022

NGS Crypto's Own Adam Lane Pops The Question...and she said yes!

A memorable night at the footy for Adam & Sammi

It’s not everyday that we have the pleasure to announce one of our team members getting engaged…but when the proposal makes National News, you know it’s a special one. 


Our very own Blockchain Mining Specialist, Adam Lane, met his now fiance, Sammi Frances, during the 2nd game State of Origin 2021. After a year together, and some thorough planning, Adam hatched the idea to propose to his partner, at the same place they met exactly one year later…and she said yes!

“I had a bit of a plan I’d been working on for a little while, but we met last year at game two origin, so this was our anniversary and I thought ‘what a time to do it’,

I organised and coordinated the crowd and at half-time I got down on one knee and made it happen. 

When Sam went to the bathroom, I quickly ran up and down the aisle and let everyone know what was about to happen and at half-time I passed over the little banner to the people a bit higher than where we were and as the half-time whistle went I got Sam up on the steps, I went down a few more. 

I had a few people around me with videos and cameras ready to go, so they were all ready for the moment.” Adam Said on 6PR Breakfast With Gareth Parker

‘When I turned around and saw the not-little sign, it was friggin’ huge, behind me and everyone was just standing there, I was in shock,’ she said. 

I got to tell my sister and then the whole rest of my family blew my phone up from around 10.30pm last night.

Having strangers send me videos and photos online, the people that have recorded it and [taken] photos, it is just awesome. So good.’

The memorable proposal has taken the country by storm, citing publications in 9 News, The Daily Mail Australia, Perth Now, breakfast radio, and even the Today show with Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon.

From the entire NGS Team, we couldn’t be happier for Adam & Sammi’s news, and are incredibly excited for their future together. When asked if the wedding will be at Origin II in 2023, Sami gleefully replied:

”You will have to talk to him about that one…He is the romantic, not me!”