CoinSpot Internationally Recognised For Information Security


Australian based exchange platform, CoinSpot, has just been awarded with the ISO 27001 certification, which highlights their dedication to continually providing a secure trading platform for their clients.

To make it possible for CoinSpot to be awarded with this certification, they were required to complete an external audit, which was undertaken by SCI Qual International, an accredited JAS-ANZ certification body.

World Class Information Security Management

The process conducted by SCI Qual required them to undertake an in-depth investigation into CoinSpot’s Information Security Management processes and practices.

This meant that a fine tooth comb was taken through the exchanges; digital asset storage, employee management and management of their information including contractors, suppliers, clients, products, processes and their intellectual property.

CoinSpot currently trades over 15 billion dollars, with more than 1 million Australian’s alone using the service.

CoinSpot is a leading exchange and an integral part of the ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape within Australia, and this is a great recognition of their service and their professionalism within the area.

NGS Members Utilising CoinSpot

Many NGS Members utilise CoinSpot as their preferred exchange, so this is great news knowing that their procedures and processes are being recognised on an international level.

NGS Crypto Affiliate Code

For members who have chosen to use CoinSpot as their exchange of choice it is very important that when you sign up ensure you use the NGS Crypto affiliate code, this will ensure that you are attached to the company and you receive all of the benefits.

We know members who have in the past, not signed up to CoinSpot with their NGS Crypto code and when the time came to carry out a large transfer, they were faced with some issues from CoinSpot’s end.

If you are currently using an alternative exchange, and are not happy or are looking to change over, please do not hesitate to contact customer service, or your account manager, and we can help you in any way possible.

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