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Coinbase has been listed on the stock market!

Coinbase has just boosted the credibility for the crypto space, being the first ever crypto company to go public.

America’s leading cryptocurrency exchange has just been launched on NASDAQ. Coinbase shared shot up by 50%, exploding to as high as $403 USD, making their market valuation to over $100 billion.

By going down this route and listing themselves on NASDAQ, rather than the traditional Initial Public Offering (IPO) route, the exchange will issue their existing shares rather than offering out new ones.

We have seen a very positive reaction across the board, with many crypto enthusiasts supporting the decision.

“Congratulations Coinbase. Great news for Bitcoin. More credibility and stability for crypto.” – Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad Poor Dad.


“They make more money than any other publicly listed exchange in the world. They’ll make more money than Nasdaq … Coinbase is also not the most profitable crypto exchange in the world.” – Tom Lee, Fundstrat Founder.

With Coinbase successfully being launched on NASDAQ and the crypto space is bought further and further into the mainstream we can expect to see other crypto companies follow suite. Kraken, California based cryptocurrency exchange has already announced to CNBC that they hope to take their company public next year.

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