Over the past few weeks we have seen the price of BTC holding stable, without much action to get excited about.

However, many BTC analysts and enthusiasts strongly believe that this is exactly what the cryptocurrency needs in order to make significant gains again, with a robust price movement on the verge.

BTC has had low volatility over the last three weeks which has led to the crypto commencing on a parallel channel, with every time it regains itself it is pulled back again.

The lower levels of price will entice an increase in volume, which will see the price of BTC surge. If the buying pressure is strong enough, BTC will break out of the descending path all together, resuming its uptrend and on the way to its next bull run.

We may see another decline however, before the next price spike hits, the best way to accommodate for BTC price volatility is to mine BTC rather than buying outright, which has proven to be safer and far more stable in times such as we are experiencing currently.

NGS Crypto offers affordable entry-level mining agreements. Starting at $1,000 USD you can start mining BTC today, with all profits paid out to daily into your NGS Crypto account.

By mining BTC rather than buying outright, you eliminate the need to stress about the volatile price of BTC. If the price of BTC is low you are rewarded more, giving you the opportunity to HODL you’re mined coins and sell when the price of BTC spikes.

A fail-safe digital asset mining option, allowing you to get ahead of the game without the technical know how.

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