Earlier this year (2019) the Wall Street Journal crowned Bitcoin (BTC) as the best investment of 2019, and the biggest winner, running circles around all other asset classes.

One Bitcoinist article reported,

“It’s better than gold. It’s better than Apple Stock. 30 percent of young adults prefer Bitcoin to stocks.”

BTC is still considered to this day a “safe haven asset”, with a leading analyst stating that Bitcoin’s rally is just getting started, and there are many reasons for this.

Bitcoin is undervalued

Raoul Pal, former executive of Goldman Sach’s European Hedge Fund sales business claims that Bitcoin is “still very cheap.”

Pal, arguing his point from a “longer-term time horizon” perspective tweeted on September 22nd,

“Just an FYI on a Sunday morning. Bitcoin is up 15 million percent from launch (down from 25 million percent at peak).

This best performing asset in all recorded history.

And on a longer-term time horizon, it’s still very cheap, in my opinion.”

Why is Bitcoin a cheap asset?

Pal has put forward many reasons as to why Bitcoin is not only the best performing asset but also why it is still very cheap.

Firstly, in a recent podcast with Bitcoin podcaster Stephan Livera, Pal acknowledged that BTC is the only asset that Millennials and younger demographics understand.

Secondly, Pal believes that BTC could act as a hedge in a looming financial disaster. With mining BTC being a wise move from investors, this is due to BTC holding its value, even across a long period of time and recessions.

Lastly, Pas has emphasised that a cryptocurrency-centric economy will be a godsend for Bitcoin.

How to invest in Bitcoin?

The safest and most stable way to invest in Bitcoin is to invest through a mining company.

In doing so, every avenue is covered for you, without the need to have the technological knowledge to run a mining farm.

When choosing an appropriate company to join as a miner, firstly, it is imperative that they are covered under laws and regulations, they have a strong and firm member base and the services in which they offer are actually offered. Which means can you withdraw your funds? And do they pay out your profits regularly?

NGS Crypto is Australia’s leading digital currency mining firm, specialising in Bitcoin mining. They are compliant under ASIC and the ATO, with a very large and happy member base.

To look further into the service they offer, take the time to look through their website. There is some great information in regards to implementing your superannuation and a tool which allows you to see what your would make based on your investment amount.

CEO and company founder of NGS Crypto, Mark Ten Caten, says

“We have developed a unique and affordable investment for the people, which allows them to enter into the world of digital currency mining without the technical know how or expertise. The model, which we have intrinsically formulated, allows us to offer our clients a risk free investment where profits are paid out daily. It is a safe investment for all levels, whether you are wanting to dip your toe in the water or utilise your superannuation.”

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