This month we have witnessed the price of Bitcoin (BTC) skyrocket, touching the $11,000 mark in a 15-month high. But do not hold your breath for it has been predicted that once BTC was able to push past this resistance level, we will see price highs like we have never seen before.

Crypto Trader and well-known Bitcoin Bull, Josh Rager, is just one analyst that is predicting the price of Bitcoin will rise from here on in.

In a tweet from Rager, posted on June 22nd 2019, he stated,

“$BTC is likely to hit $60k+ this coming uptrend … And people seriously forfeit 500% gains to try catch 10% moves with shorts.”

Ragers’ predictions come from analysing the BTC market and its technical data. Last month Rager pointed out through close analysis that every BTC bull cycle has been longer than the previous one, with new historic highs every time.

“As you look at the historical cycles on the Bitcoin chart, you will notice that each bull market cycle exceeds the length of the previous uptrend. Don’t worry about pullbacks, Bitcoin is likely less than ¼ into the current uptrend to the next peak high.”

Online crypto analyst, Galaxy, has also strongly predicted that the price of BTC could reach $62,000 based on past trend and technical data, expecting the coin to reach this price come October 2019.

“Year 2017 had a similar weekly candle set-up as the one today, which was followed by a 570% price increase over the next 147 days. Another similar price increase puts BTC price at $62K by the end of October 2019.”

Max Keiser, a well known Bitcoin Bull and Broadcaster suggests that the price of BTC will hit six figures. In a recent interview Kaiser urged everyone to start accumulating BTC, as it is one of the best assets of our time.

“The timing is immaterial. It is still going to outperform every other asset you can possibly imagine owning over the next five-10-15 years. Forgot about timing. Timing is for people who think that, ‘I’m going to wait and but it at a better price.’ And that is a bad way to approach crypto. Stack Satoshis!”

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