BTC Jumps 200% In 3 Months


When Bitcoin (BTC) exceeded the recent $50k resistance point on the 16th February 2021, a very significant breakthrough was made.

BTC has spiked more than 200% in the last 90 days.

400% against the US dollar for the year.

When it comes to the Bitcoin market there are two avenues available to you to break into the crypto space.

Trading BTC, while it can produce high percentage returns, also comes with very high risk.

When trading on the crypto space, 100% of your initial capital is always at risk. Not to mention if you are not exceedingly educated in market analysis you are essentially blindly trend trading.

We have all heard the story far too often of someone we know or a friend of a friend who bought BTC during a bull run, uneducated and not wanting to get FOMO, only to lose most, if not all of their capital.

BTC Mining

The other option to enter into the crypto market is through digital asset mining.

Mining through a proven, successful model ensures that the risk and the volatility of the market are eliminated, keeping your capital safe.

But, you have to find the right BTC mining model!

NGS Crypto, Australia’s leading digital asset mining specialists have been mining BTC since 2013, and commercially launching our digital asset-mining product to the world in 2016.

As mentioned above, we all saw the bull run of 2017 when BTC hit an all time high of $20,000 USD, those who were trading BTC and who were uneducated bought BTC close too if not at its peak. When the cryptocurrency dropped to $3,000 USD, 90% of traders sold at a loss, losing what capital they had.

In the cryptocurrency world, a major bull run has historically occurred every three to four years, however, when trading you cannot wait every three to four years for the next bull run to make a return.

NGS Crypto Mining

Through mining BTC with NGS Crypto you are able to consistently generate a return, even when a bear market is happening.

This is made possible through our highly efficient NGS “Mining” model, with NGS Crypto you will receive an income daily, paid in Bitcoin.

Meaning; Accumulate and earn “mined” Bitcoin for free.

Throughout the duration of our arrangement your capital is kept safe, hence presented in a legal fashion whereby at the end of our journey together;

Your capital is given back to you in full.

More importantly, NGS Crypto delivers consistent returns meaning no troughs! At 15% PA, you are achieving a full 40% over the course of a 4 year period, and I haven’t included the foreseeable spikes in Bitcoin as time proceeds allowing a higher income your way.

Mining with NGS ensures a passive income and easy access to liquidity

May I suggest taking this particular model into consideration which will give you more time, flexibility and freedom to choose with minimal risk in a timely fashion, without the stress related to traditional models. NGS Crypto ensures the returns are consistent and frequent.








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