For the first time in over a month Bitcoin (BTC) has broken past its resistance point and tops $8,100. Gaining $1,000 since the start of January 2020 alone.

After the largest cryptocurrency (BTC) has been lateral trading for the month of December 2019, now a major upward trend is on the horizon in the not too distant future.

This comes at a significant time before the next BTC halving is expected to hit in May 2020.

It has been strongly suggested by expert analysts that we are now in the phase of accumulation. In the past, BTC’s biggest accumulation phases have been strongly influenced and fuelled by smart money investors and big whales investing in the cryptocurrency (BTC) when the price is low, which we have just witnessed. This suggests that the price of BTC has already bottomed out, and a significant rise is imminent.

Heightened Tensions Between US and Iran – A Critical Year For Cryptos

The price hike of BTC has been closely linked the heightened tensions we are currently witnessing between the United States and Iran, with geopolitics more than likely not factoring in investors decisions to accumulate cryptocurrencies into their forecast. However, this can be argued, and it has also been suggested that this has nothing to do with the price hike of BTC but more to do with the re-positioning of the largest cryptocurrency in what is expected to be one of the most critical years for not only BTC but all digital assets.

We are set for a critical and rewarding year ahead for cryptocurrency investors, holders and miners with the hash rate hitting new all time highs, peaking eight times higher since 2017, when BTC peaked at its highest recorded price to date nearing $20,000.

How To Accumulate Bitcoin

With the halving of Bitcoin fast approaching now is the best time, if you have not already started, to accumulate Bitcoin’s.

Mining is the safest and most profitable way to accumulate Bitcoin’s and get your money working for you.

NGS Crypto offers affordable mining packages, starting at $1,000 USD. This gives you a great opportunity to mine bitcoin without the technical know how, earning BTC daily for you to accumulate, hold and sell when the price hikes.

NGS offers free training and education with every new member that joins the service, so you know exactly how to utilise the service to your best advantage and your personal financial situation.

For further information or to become a member and start earning BTC daily contact us today.

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