Bitcoin (BTC) has a unique nature that puts it far above any other currency types on the market, especially the unstable and unreliable fiat currencies currently in circulation.

BTC is the currency of the modern age, and as we have seen before in the histories of monetary usage and reliability, it is a great alternative to what is currently available.

Throughout history we have expanded, explored and moved with the times and we have seen the evolution of money change dramatically, and for the better.

We moved from the barter trade to gold, through to the metal coin and onto paper money. From there we saw the introduction of the plastic card and then into electronic money and now we are witnessing the dawn of the new age currency; cryptocurrency.

Here is a breakdown of some of the reasons why BTC is the new, viable and reliable currency for the people in the current global economic system.

It Isn’t Vulnerable

Any other third party cannot interfere with BTC. This includes banks, governments, and any other type of financial intermediaries. Even better, no BTC account can be frozen. The entire BTC system works through a peer-to-peer network allowing its users the financial freedom that they deserve.

Low Transaction Fees

Due to BTC holding no intermediaries transaction fees are kept at a very low minimum. Not only are fees low, but also when transferring BTC from peer to peer the exchange is made instantly, not like the current banking system, which can days at times.

You Can Make Purchases Free From Tax

Any purchase that you make with BTC, any there are many merchants available worldwide which allow this payment option, are not imposed with sales taxes. This is simply because of the peer-to-peer network system, and the inability for third parties to intercept the transaction.

Make Payments Through Mobile Devices

As long as you have access to the Internet you can make purchases straight from your mobile device without the requirement for any personal information to be disclosed.

Fewer Risks For Merchants

Merchants are protected from possible losses that may come about in instanced of fraud due to BTC transactions being irreversible. It is impossible to cheat any BTC transaction due to the Blockchain technology that it runs off.

Reduces The Possibility Of Identity Theft

Anyone that wishes to use BTC as a payment option can make a payment or transfer using BTC. Identification, proofs of address or passports is not needed to send or receive BTC through your chosen BTC wallet program.

Instant Settlements

Any transaction made through BTC is settled almost instantly. Again this is due to no need for a third party to approve the payment.

Non-Profit Organisation Become More Transparent

Each and every transaction using BTC is out up on a publicly verifiable ledger. Which means every transaction is available to be seen by the public. Not individual names, but the wallet number is made public. There for all money donated and spent can be tracked by the everyday person.

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