Bitcoin and Gold have been debated on for some time now that their characteristics are alike, “To compare them is madness.”

John McAfee, founder and CEO of McAfee has stated in his latest tweet,

“The difference between Gold and Bitcoin? Gold is a commodity, occupying space, with mass, temperature, shape. Bitcoin is an idea, made manifest through a series of numbers, with no true location or substance – a clever concept with infinite fluidity. To compare them is madness.”

McAfee is not alone in his thoughts that Gold and Bitcoin should under no circumstance be compared with each other.

Recently there was an ongoing ‘Drop Gold’ campaign, which was initiated and launched to show users the strong advantages that Bitcoin has over Gold.

McAfee further explains the advantages of Bitcoin over Gold stating,

“Crypto is pure math. Coins created by hashing or other algorithms. Moved under control of math logic. They’re fractionalized, stored, retrieved, exchanged under the control of formulas. Coins are electronic elements of a vast system controlled by math. This is not the stock market.”

What Is The Importance Of This?

Bitcoin far outperforms Gold, and any other investment in 2019 for that matter, as a profitable asset.

If you are still looking at investing in Bitcoin, mining is a long-term, risk free opportunity for you to get yourself into the crypto arena, and earning profits daily.

The diagram below clearly outlines the profitable advantages of mining Bitcoin compared to buying Bitcoin.

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