Bitcoin (BTC) is becoming mainstream, wether we like it or not, and with the hashing power reaching all new time highs, we need to start taking Bitcoin (BTC) as a safe investment very seriously, because it is not going anywhere.

Cryptocurrency trader, Murad Mahmudov, has stated that Bitcoin will be the biggest winner in spite of the changing tide, which is developing in the investment scene, claiming it to be a safe haven asset.

This comes at a time where once again we are seeing monetary policies of governments and central banks all across the globe continuing to push the global economy into yet another recession.

Mahmudov has been relentless in his tweets about BTC becoming a safe haven investment, with a tweet on September 9 2019, highlighting the increasing appeal of Bitcoin as a hedge against growing market uncertainties.

“Bitcoin is going to start getting gradually treated as a safe haven asset, just in time for a generational Blow-Off Top in the current monetary system.”

This comes from the increasing surge in interest in Bitcoin as an asset from the baby boomer generation as they reach retirement age.

“All about real vs. paper assets now.” Mahmudov tweeted on September 9 2019.

Barry Silbert from the Digital Currency Group too understands that there will be a massive influx of money into Bitcoin, which will be led my millennials and the younger generation of investors.

The best and most stable way to enter the Bitcoin investment realm is to begin mining Bitcoin, in order to successfully do this, it is strongly suggested that you use a mining company, rather than mining yourself at home. This is due to the outlay required to cover electricity costs and technical problems, which may occur.

Australia’s leading digital currency mining firm, NGS Crypto, offers a unique investment opportunity for you to begin your digital currency-mining journey. The investment is risk free and you are covered under a legally binding agreement under Australian laws and regulations.

CEO and company founder of NGS Crypto, Mark Ten Caten, says

“We have developed a unique and affordable investment for the people, which allows them to enter into the world of digital currency mining without the technical know how or expertise. The model, which we have intrinsically formulated, allows us to offer our clients a risk free investment where profits are paid out daily. It is a safe investment for all levels, whether you are wanting to dip your toe in the water or utilise your superannuation.”

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