Binance Launches Direct AUD Deposits For Australian Users


Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange has just launched that Australian users can now deposit AUD directly onto the trading platform, to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

Binance first launched their exchange platform to the Australian market in July 2020, with the new AUD functionality being announced on Friday 9th August 2020.

Australian traders are now able to directly fund their Binance trading accounts, and pay through their PayID system, which transfers from fiat currency almost instantly and is supported by over 100 Australian banking institutions.

This new function by Binance now opens up the Australian cryptocurrency trading market to a global scale, giving Australian crypto traders more options when is comes to trading platforms.

Australian Crypto Traders Moving To Crypto Mining

Even though the crypto trading atmosphere is growing in regards to platform options for Australians, we are seeing many long time crypto traders starting to diversify their investment and move across to crypto mining.

Crypto Mining is a great way to hold and utilise and safe and stable crypto investment, with many Australians utilising their Self Managed Super Funds or simply using the mining space as a form of income protection, knowing they can rely on dependable returns.

NGS Crypto is one of Australia’s leading crypto mining companies, offering returns of between 12-19 percent per annum, depending on your initial investment amount.

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