Benefits of a Mortgage Refinance


Are you looking at refinancing your current home loan?

When you refinance your mortgage you are essentially getting a new mortgage to replace the original one you signed, this can be very beneficial as you are able to obtain a better interest rate and term.

Given the current economic situation and the ‘mortgage holiday’ Australians are experiencing now is a great time to re-consider your mortgage opportunities and know what options are available to you.

Here at NGS Crypto we are currently offering a FREE, no obligation, over the phone financial discovery consultation to discuss your mortgage refinance options and to assess if an equity draw down is suitable for you.

Re-financing is an exciting time if you are using the extra liquidity you make as an offset to pay down what we call ‘Good Debts’ such as the mortgage. Extra to this, you may also be eligible for further tax deductions and government rebates.

Benefits of a Mortgage Refinance With NGS Crypto

Below is a $158,460.00 investment with NGS Crypto and what you would earn on a monthly basis, on 19% ROI p/a.

Go to our sliding scale on the website to see what your investment amount will earn you.

$300,000 yields $4,750 USD per month minimum. 

Cost to borrow:

Yield on reinvestment:

            Cost to borrow:                                                            $2,109.10

            Gross Income from NGS IMA:                                   $4,750

            Net Additional Monthly Income:                              $2,640.90

            Net Additional Annual Income:                                $31,690.80

            Additional Income over the life of your Mtg.:       $570,434.40

Value of Additional Income at 10% Growth

                        Rate Per year for 18 years:                            $1,601,884.46

Criteria for Qualification: LTV on primary residence cannot exceed 80%

To find out more book in for a FREE, no obligation, over the phone appointment with one of our trusted financial advisors.

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